The hurricane is LANE! The company totally missed the opportunity to sound concerned. What’s in a name, asked Shakespeare.” Well, in a case like this the name does matter!

RCI Fees Are Crazy Considering People Own These Obligations!

We ended up with a few weeks of an RCI property for nothing.  Well, basically they were free.  However, trying to use one as an exchange becomes crazy expensive.  

I thought I would use a place for a couple of days.  Look at the crazy fees associated with makeing a trade.  

Mandatory Fees:

Daily usage fee is 25 U.S. dollars. Cash or Credit is accepted.

Fee plus tax, effective for any new reservations made after January 16, 2018.

Security deposit is 100.00 U.S. dollars. Cash or Credit is accepted.

Housekeeping Fees:

"For all RCI points reservations: There may be a fee of 28 U.S. dollars for Studio, per stay. Cash or Credit is accepted."

Fee plus tax, for less than 7 night stays, effective January 17, 2018.

"For all RCI points reservations: There may be a fee of 40 U.S. dollars for 1 Bedroom units, per stay. Cash or Credit is accepted."

Fee plus tax, for less than 7 night stays, effective January 17, 2018.

"For all RCI points reservations: There may be a fee of 64 U.S. dollars for 2 Bedroom units, per stay. Cash or Credit is accepted."

Fee plus tax, for less than 7 night stays, effective January 17, 2018.

Resort Fees:

Parking fee is 8.00 to 13.00 U.S. dollars. Cash or Credit is accepted.

Per day

Parking fee is 8.00 to 13.00 U.S. dollars. Cash or Credit is accepted.

Per day, this fee is for valet parking only.

Resort amenities fee is 25.00 U.S. dollars. Cash or Credit is accepted.

  • Blue Lagoon Iceland Summer 2018

    After 20 years I’m back exploring Iceland during the summer with family and friends. Fourth time to Europe this year. But, always new adventures

  • Lake Atitlan Summer 2018

    This was my fifth time to Guatemala this year. But, it never feels like too much. There is a nice magic to the area that always refreshes. Now, doing a building project here is another story.

  • Amsterdam Surprise 2018

    A fast trip Monday to Friday to Amsterdam to meet a friend and watch their stage show. We got to spend time in Amsterdam and meet local and international celebrities involved in TV, movies, and theater.

A special thank you to American Airlines for pulling the bridge back up to the plane and opening the door for us recently. There are times when AA does go out of their way for people.

Work Together To Help People In Need

Lets all work together to help people in need!  What can we do?

1. If you know someone displaced by the volcano let me know as we are offering a night or two at a property so they can get showered, cleaned up, and have a good breakfast. 

2. If you know of a hotel owner, restaurant owner, or business person in the Hilo area who wants to help Volcano victims let us know.  Together we can make a difference. 

Take less! Give more! 

• Happy to share that we have another family of 13 that we will be taking care of in the month of June. They are in need of a real break.  So happy we can help! 

Update - We were able to help several families during this challenging time.  We were happy to help during this challenging time.


Some DE’s on TA Take Freebies in Quid Pro Quo Scheme!

Recently, I’ve learned what many of us have always suspected, that some DE’s on TripAdvisor accept free lunches, dinners, hotel stays, and more.  Right now, I only have verification from two sources.  Before I publish anything I will wait until I have a third source. 

One such GM formerly with a hotel on the BI and now at a 5 Star property in Waikiki has confirmed my thoughts.  While I have proof, I’m not saying any more at this time. 

TA continues to investigate inappropriate behavior and actions by DE‘s on TA. This is true with all TA forums and not just Hawaii. 





Helping Displaced People From Volcano in Hawaii

Last week we were able to help two people displaced by the destructive volcano in Hawaii.  I’ve made a pledge to make any open room available to a displaced individual or family who wants or needs a place to sleep and shower. 

The problem I’ve encountered trying to take care of some displaced individuals comes from a banker, attorney, and staff.  I’ve been surprised that everyone has a reason why helping people is bad, dangerous, and not prudent.  I’ve been told over and over to forget the idea.  But, I don’t care.  Helping people is the most important thing we can do in this world. 

I spent time trying to get other businesses behind this effort and have yet to find anyone with my vision.  I hope other businesses start to see the benefit to society. We must help others. We all can make a differenc. 

Magnanimous Acts - Help Others

The website is going to be changing to focus on travel, being magnanimous, positively influencing the world, and standing up to online bullies. 

Change Is a fundamental part of existence.  Right now we are seeing change in our planet as the Big Island experiences the effects of a volcano. In life we must change and remold to fit in with the situatioN. 

Travel brings me pleasure. Helping others brings me even more pleasure.  When I can combine travel with helping people I’ve attained nervona.  

Bullies online is dangerous and wrong. This happens especially with online forums where group think dominates. The TripAdvisor forums are a breeding ground for Group think and cyber bullying.
Let’s join together to stop 🛑 bad online behavior.

Ouch! Not Serious - More Funny!

Someone on the TripAdvisor Forum has been sharing tons of information from postings back in 2015 when Shea Grimm was angry at me for being me.  This same person has been kind to share even more information and stories.  Wow.  Ouch.  Keep making me laugh and feel sorry for these DE's.  

Shame on them for not knowing their closed circuit of friends may not be all that close.....haha

Note:  New updates to come regarding kickbacks, free hotel stays, and more dirty laundry.  

My friends car in Antigua, Guatemala after yesterday’s eruption. The eruption occurred on June 3, 2018.

New Development!

i May actually get my old account back! 

Fingers crossed! 


One thing I kept fighting for was the reinstatement of my original account.  I’m excited to say that TA, upon review, brought my account back to life! I'm sure much to the dismay of the DE's on the Hawaiian "Bash em Forum." 

Thanks TripAdvisor! 

Check out my day at TripAdvisor 


  • TripAdvisor here I come.

    Not sure what to expect from these meetings. But, here I go.
    Check out my day at TripAdvisor

  • Heads Up! LOL

    Dang picture posts upside down from my iPhone.

    Here is my day at TripAdvisor

  • Thanks TripAdvisor!

    TA CEO is an impressive guy. I like his style and honesty.

    Fun! My day at TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor Meeting Set At Corporate Campus.

After all this time I have a meeting set up on the Trip Advisor campus.  I’m not sure if I’m excited to go or if I want to cancel. 

I think it will be interesting to hear what they have to say.  What I notice is that TA is definitely having more issues.  

 Check out my day at TripAdvisor 

Trip Advisor Covers Up Rapes  

Destination Experts control information that hurts travelers. 

  • Indy Time is Always Fun Time!

    May means Indy 500. Over the years we have had many fun May weekends and Memorial Day weekends at the Indy 500.

  • Summer 2017 to be Exciting From New Zealand to Guatemala to Italy and More!

    Great summer planned. This year trips include New Zealand, Hawaii, Guatemala, Italy, Los Angeles, New York, and more. I'll share photos when possible.

  • Love Being Silly. Share Happiness and Make the World Smile.

    I have a giving heart and find happiness in making people smile. If we all have a goal to make one person happy daily the world will be a better place.

Thanks For A Great 2016!

Over two years ago I was kicked off TripAdvisor for sharing my views on travel.  I believed then and I do today that I was mistreated and attacked by Destination Experts on TripAdvisor beginning with Shea Grimm and going through the rank of many other DEs.  I believed then and do today that when traveling to Hawaii you should:

- Look at your own travel style and determine what you want to achieve from the trip.

- Consider and be open minded to visiting more than one island in a week.

- Consider paying for a changeable ticket or a full fare ticket when flying between islands.

- Use Uber when possible and skip the traditional taxi service

- Be cautious of information you receive from people who have an agenda (myself included).

- Try to be kind and open minded when traveling anywhere.

- Look at ways you can give back to a society and a people when you visit their land.

In addtion, now more than ever, don't tolerate bullies online, in person, at work, at school, or anywhere. 

Most of all, celebrate life and bring happiness to others in all your activities and the world will become a better place.

Nasty, Bullies, and Ignorance Motivated Me To Success

This is an old post.  I do know that TA cares.  I also know they are doing some in-depth investigations into other DE’s in Hawaii and other locations.

The nasty people on TripAdvisor Hawaiian Forum has made my life even better than it was before.  I have been blessed with resilience after pain. I want everyone who ever has felt pain online, at work, with family, with bullies, and anywhere to know that they must stand up against wrong, mean, and nasty.  

You can bounce back and make your life impactful!  You can make a positive difference in the world even when you feel the pain of mean people. Never, ever give up. 

I admit when I was kicked off TripAdvisor Hawaiian Forum for posting truth, honest, and a variety of controversial topics I was hurt. I couldn't believe that a business would kick off a person who had provided almost 1000 reviews from around the world, advertised businesses on TA, supported TA with friends, spent thousands of dollars on TA annually,  supported TA business ventures such as their promotion with Uber, and much more.  But, mean people often temporarily win against good.  

Today, about 10 months later, I'm more charged than ever to make the most of my great life. I'm going to start some new strong ventures that will have more positive impact to future generations.  Most of all, for now, I'm going to make sure people are cautious when using TripAdvisor or purchasing TripAdvisor products.

Check out Facebook - NoGo Tripadvisor

Here is a great read on why "citizens of the Internet are especially susceptible to groupthink."


Thanks for visiting One-Two Travel 4 Fun

Now with more than 380,000 visitors to this sight we celebrate the fact that the message to stay clear of nasty people online and to think twice about what you read in reviews is catching on.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave a message for our NoGo Team on our comments page.

Don't trust TripAdvisor and be care of Hawaiian Forum.   

TripAdvisor Information - Create New Account - Seriously?

Today, I called TripAdvisor. The person on the other end pulled up my account. He said, "All you need to do is set up a new account with a different email."
I responded, "But, I thought I can't set up another account. I don't want to break any rules or act fraudulent."
"I'll get right back to you." He said and the put me on hold.
***I was on speaker phone as I drove down I55 toward Chicago***
"Sir, I checked with my boss. Yes, all you need to do is set up a new account under another email."

I'm very skeptical and don't want to break any rules. I don't want to create fraud as I try to still get back on TripAdvisor with my original TripAdvisor account login.

For now, I'm going to wait and still push for my original account to be turned back on.

Seriously? I want my old account back as I believe in my heart that I was right.  Why create my identity over again, when I like all the information I provied and created.  

Conversation occurred at 9:50am CT 11/7/2016.

Why I Got Kicked Off

Here is the post I made on on the evening of 12.14.2015 that resulted in my being baned from posting and my account being locked.  I wrote this with a desire to embrace differences and I was then attacted for doing it only to agrivate people. 

This post serves as ground zero for my new passion of protecting travelers from misinformation, freedom of speech, and perpetuating kindness world wide.


You decide!

For more on the story click HERE.

My Perspective On Travel: It is all about YOU!

When it comes to travel one size doesn't fit all.

Aloha! My name is Edward Staak and I was banned fromTripAdvisor. I canceled my account because I was in shock! It is my desire to help travelers not to be mistreated online, on TA, or be provided with only one sided information.

I was kicked off becaue my perspectives on travel and my methods of sharing travel ideas upset many of the people who had liimited world travel experience and found my unique thoughts and perspectives disruptive.

My TA account was disabled on December 14, 2015 by what I have learned was a group of DE's on the Hawaiian forum lead by Shea Grimm.  

I thought I would try and clarify my thoughts on traveling and exploring the world.

For more on this story click here.

November & December 2016 - China & China & More!

Business Class seating ORD to DFW. Problem: Great seating but an outdated airplane.

I've been busy pulling together some fun trips for the last two months of 2016.  After spending two days on Maui and visiting Hana I'm ready to get the last two months off to a fun start.


- Honolulu and Big Island

- Houston


- New York

- Los Angeles

- Hong Kong

- Las Vegas

- Back to Beijing

- Istanbul

- Kenya (New Years Eve)

Check out the rest of the story in the blog section of this sight.

Easter Island, July 2016. Birdman?

Having a great time on Easter Island.

Best Flight Attendant team this year

A return trip to Buenos Aires.

The story of Birdman island off Easter Island.

Summer Travel Fun! 2016 From Australia to South America - It was FUN! FUN! FUN!

Chicago - LA (Fun 12 Hour Day) Sydney - LA - Chicago - Orlando - Miami - Tampa - Chicago - LA - Palm Springs - Chicago - Dallas - Austin - Chicago - Santiago Chili - Easter Island - Buenos Aires - Santiago - Miami - Chicago - Dallas - Palm Springs - Chicago - Honolulu and all of this was before August.  Yes, I'm addicted to fun travel.   

NoGo-TripAdvisorcom on Facebook

I love summer. This summer (2016) was no exception.  I had a wonderful time visiting unusual locations and typical destinations. 

Sharing the NoGo TripAdvisor campaign around the world has also been fun.  

I'm Encouraged and Excited About Results

A quick note to all of my fans and supporters.  I'm totally shocked at how many people are following NoGo and  

Thanks for your support and lets keep this movement going.  

I'll be in Florida next week talking to a few hotels and then LA the week after.  It is making a difference.


Update 7.25.16

When I saw that NoGo campaign has had almost 100,000 views I almost fell out of my Starbucks chair.  I had no idea that I would get so many viewers and supporters. 

Stand up to bullies and stand up to Tripadvisor.  I appreciate each and every one of you who have writen notes of support.  I also appreciate those of you who have shared some negative comments as well. 

Lets get out and make a positive difference in our wonderful world!


A Humid Week in Orlando - Lessons Learned

Amazing that a travel mania dude such as myself who has a passion for life, fun, and helping others gets banned from commenting on forums, reviewing restaurants, and SPENDING $$$ on their sight.

***Lessons from a week in Orlando during a triad of disaster***

1. Hate comes in many forms - There is far too much hate in this world.  We have too much hate online on forums like Hawaiian forums.  We must spread kindness and love to the people wh want to hate.

2. You can never be too careful - Be it Orlando or online pay attention to the situation and be cautious of wild animals and mean people.

3. Look for the positive - Even in bad situations there is a positive that often gets overlooked.

NoGo on Facebook

Please post kind comments and make the views of NoGo TripAdvisor known.  


  • Enjoying Business Class on AA to Sydney

    American Airlines recently started service from LAX to SYD. The service was okay to very good.
    I feel blessed every time I get a chance to fly to Australia and even more blessed when I get to fly in Business Class.

  • Vivid colors of Sydney are worth a special trip.

    The celebration of Vivid in Sydney is worth a separate trip to the Opera House city if you have the time. This was my 7th visit to Sydney and this time I really enjoyed the Vivid festivities.
    ***Now, more than 1,000 fans on NoGo We are catching on slowly!!***

  • Private tour of Opera House Behind Stage

    Enjoying a behind the scenes tour of the Opera House that is only offered to a limited number of guests during the Vivid festival.
    I had a chance to talk with some of the people about the NoGo campaign.

Amazing Results & Involvement! *Friday 6.24.16 Update *Sunday 6.26.16

***Today, 6.24.16 I'm blown away by the stats for this sight.  This week alone we have had more than 3.000 new viewers.  Thank you for checking us out.***

***Today, 6.26.16 we hit a new high. 34,971 unique visits to and now more than 1,100 followers on Facebook.  Thank you! Thanks to everyone who is listening and sharing the message.


I'm rather shocked that NoGo facebook page has become a popular destination and well liked.

Check out  has become so popular in a short period of time.

 This is a place for:
- Passionate travelers
- People who have been bullied online
- Travelers who have been off-put by bad or mean posters

Thanks for joining and following....we can make a positive difference.

For now, we are still in a discovery phase working out who and what we are all about.  You can help make a positive impact as well. Lost Revenue

This weekend I booked over $20,000 in hotels for summer travel.  As a former lover of I really wanted to book on TA and give reviews in the future.

Of course, TA won't let me book hotels for me, my family, and several friends.  

The Hawaiian Forum cost TA one heack of a lot of money from a customer and loyal lover of TA like me.

*Now more than 1100 followers. Spread the word of NoGo*



My wife calculated that for the dates May 30 to July 28 I booked more than $36,000 in hotel stays.  Yes, that seems high, but two rooms a night at hotels from the Sydney Four Seasons to Park Hyatts and Beverly Hills Hotel adds up quickly.


  • NYC Perfect Day For Sharing My NoGo TA story.

    I had a chance to share my NoGo story with a bunch of people in NYC this week.
    NoGo is getting some traction here and there as I share my story of bullying, nastiness, and in correct online information.

  • Irene Made Musicians Famous In the 80's & 90's.

    Irene is a dear friend who was responsible for making musicians famous back when studios were used for weeks and even months for making a new album.
    Cool and the Gang, Meetloaf, The Four Seasons, and many more owe their success to this wonderful woman and her husband.
    I can't hear Celebration without thinking of Irene.

  • 30 Rock and Stephanie Make TV History

    If you want a project green lighted on NBC you better know my good friend and favorite party animal Stefanie.
    Because of her a group of us are meeting later this year in Guatemala for a week of partying.

    Join us on Facebook

Canberra Welcome - Amazing Staff

What a fun staff at the Hyatt hotel in Canberra.  If you get a chance to stop in make sure you say 'HI' to Alison at the front desk.

I had the chance to share with the staff the NoGo campaign.  I also had a small group gathering at Speakers Corner in the hotel.  Getting the NoGo message across one person at a time.  

I'm keeping this on the Front Page because it shows how easy GREAT customer service can be when you put the guest first.


An awareness campaign on the dangers of the Hawaiian Forum. Join us on Facebook

Giving Back When Traveling Is Important

Every year around April my children put a plan together to collect lightly used school supplies for children and schools in Guatemala.  

We all should consider ways to help people on our planet. Helping others is perhaps the most important thing we can do.

Feel free to share with us any of your ideas or actions that benefit the world when you travel?


Protesting Until my voice is welcome again!

When you get banned from posting on there basically is no recourse, forum, or contact that allows you to voice your frustration or put forth  reasons why you should be allowed to remain online.  Because I'm rather dumb when it comes to computers, internet, and technology, I have taken my message beyond and have made my reasons known in others ways.

I regret my not knowing how to report a variety of Hawaiian forum posters for their violations of rules. 

For more on this story click here.

Did I Call This or Not? A Visionary Perhaps.

In Kathan Brown's book, "The North Pole" I'm quoted on some far out visionary thoughts on the future of travel to the North Pole.  

Today, in 'The Wall Street Journal', an article entitled: Massive Cruise Ship Tackles Northwest Passage puts many of my comment's in Brown's book closer to reality.

My visionary perspectives in her book came during an interview in New York City a few months after my journey on a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker to the North Pole.

Ironically, Crystal Cruises is one of my favorite cruise lines.

Not everyone will like you: Be proud of those that don’t!

[What I learned from mean people on and what I forgot to do during the verbal storm] 

You will make enemies on your journey in life.  In fact, if you don’t have a few people upset with you I know you haven’t made the tough decisions and taken action when needed.  You must be strong enough as a leader and individual to make the right decisions and not simply the easy option.  Don’t follow others when you know they are headed in the wrong direction.

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. - Peter Drucker

For more on this story click here.

Debunking 12 Hawaiian Myths: Number 3 will surprise you.

Hawaiian Sunsets Are A Perfect Way To Celebrate The End Of A Great Day.

Here are 12 myths about Hawaii that need to be debunked.  Don't take any travel information for fact from forums.  Use your own research to do the best you can to understand the magic of Hawaii and the world.

For the list of 12 myths click here.


My Favorite Quote On Travel

 “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Austin - Meeting Executives including TA - January 2016

As a lover of travel nothing is worse than hearing travel voices quieted.  I flew to Austin this week to meet with a variety of travel experts on the situation of nasty people on TA on the Hawaiian forum.  What I've learned about the downfall and Expedia dumping TA is interesting.

i will share more later as it is hard to do this on an iphone.

Next week: 

- presentation to hotel group in Palm Springs

- meeting with posters (new from CL) in Hawaii

I'm keeping this front page as it was the start of NoGo TripAdvisor and realization that TripAdvisor doesn't care about customers, clients, advertisers, or users.