Trip Advisor Rediculously Expensive Business Listings

More and more small business are in shock over the cost of a Trip Advisor business listing. 

Consider not using or paying for a business listing. 


- TA won’t back you up

- Uses people’s Free labor to generate SEO

- Harms many small businesses

- Allows fake reviews both good and bad

- Takes your money and makes consumers think that it is a free listing

There are numerous reasons to skip paying Trip Advisor for a listing!






A Good Read On Dangers of TripAdvisor Business Reviews

Put Yourself In Your Customer's Head

There are many reasons to spend less money on  Here are a few:

- TripAdvisor has extremly poor customer service.  If you are a customer and you have a problem they will simply ignore you.  

- Try getting resolution to a probelm by googling TripAdvisor support and you will see that it is hard as heck to get to a real person.  TripAdvisor has walls for your customers that make it almost impossible to get anyone to help them.  If a customer books on TA it is almost impossible for them to get assistance.  TA will tell you to write to  After your first contact they set it up so your emails are ignored.

- Business listings are becoming less and less valuable.  Last December I started talking to people about the wasted money they are spending on a business listing with TA.  The more people I talk with the more people realize that they are in better shape not spending money on TA.  Face it, TA is like a yellow page bully of the 1990s that now finds its service less needed or desireable. dosn't care about fake reviews from former employees.  There is a lot of talk about fake reviews by business owners.  But, I think the real crime is from fake reviews from angry employees, competitors, and simply mean people.  Unless they break the guidelines so visibly blatently TA will do nothing.  

- Competitors know how to get you kicked down in TA ratings. Be warned that your competitor knows how to get you kicked down in the ratings.  I learned this the hard way. Once TA accuses a business of fixed ratings you are dead. Nothing you can do will get TAs attention. Here is what I learned.  Post positive ratings for your competitor on the same computer at different times on the same IP address. If you do this several times TA will hammer your competitor for posting fake reviews.  Shame! Shame! Shame!

Impact I Have On TRIP Stock: No Way! Not Insignificant Me!

I won’t be arrogant to the point of taking credit for the huge drop in the stock price of Trip Advisor (TRIP) since December 14, 2016.  I will state that I have talked to friends from Wall Street to the Attorney General’s Office of 50 States (via email), to newspaper reporters, and more, but we all know that I’m a no body!

Do I really have the power to impact the stock of TRIP this much simply because  my account was disabled because of SheaG and a person at TA. Absolutely NOT.  Remember, I’m a fake, phony, liar, story teller, and Charleton who pretends to have friends in high places.

I’ve never worked in the television industry with powerful people who know how to manage revenge.  You know, entertainment is the industry of revenge.  But, I certainly couldn’t impact a stock that much.

I certainly don’t know people who run airlines and talk with people like the CEO of Hawaiian airlines, CEO of McDonalds, CEOs of large pharmaceuticals,   and CEO’s of brokerage houses.  I may have shared information of my talks with people like this in the past on TA, but everyone on TA knows that EpicureanFunTravel has zero network and zero connections.

I prefer helping travelers who are visiting Hawaii and traveling the world. But, when I’m unjustly treated like an unruly child I refuse to take the inappropriate action without retaliating. 

No company should diminish even the smallest of customers. 

On February 14, 2016 this feud will either come to an end or it will get stronger. My preference, to come to a happy solution with the TA team.  But, we do know that I have zero power!


Update:  February 26, 2016 

Not one person from Trip Advisor has been kind enough to talk with me or send me an email.  I feel that I have been wronged by having my account temporarily disabled.  I will work on spreading the word on travel to future visitors to Hawaii.





"The world is a buffet of epicurean hedonistic pleasure waiting to be sampled. Enjoy!" - Edward Staak

New Travel Destination Online? January 28, 2016

Had a meeting with a varity of friends today to discuss the feasability of creating a new, better travel sight than the existing ones offered currently.

What do you want to see in a travel sight online?

No one thought there would be a better Myspace or a better way to send money than Western Union.  AOL and Yahoo would never be pushed into the background of the internet world, right?

I think the time may be right for the construction of a better, happier, and more customer friendly travel portal.  

As the sun rises over Hawaii the sun may set on the old and bring in a new age of travel forum. We will see.

My vision right now is a cross between Angies List and Craigslist.  Something where the businesses aren't forced to pay extremly high rates for listings and where consumers can be assured that the information they are receiving is accurate.  


My Favorite Monday Activity - Hall Monitor January 25, 2016

I love Monday mornings.  Why?  I'm blessed to spend my first day of the week monitoring halls at my son's schools during the lunch hour.

I'm blessed that my son even lets me volunteer.  It is a nice time getting to say "Hi" to all the teachers, children, and staff.  I did it whle my older dautgher was in Middle School.  I'm only sad that this is my last year doing this fun task.

While I try to get away from the cold temperatures as much as possible I try to do whatever I can to be in the area on Monday morning for lunch room duty.

Note:  Savor everyday and make it as positive as possible.

Eliminate Business Pages On Trip Advisor: Don't Waste Your $$$

Save money by eliminating your business page listing on Trip Advisor.  The TA business listing is like watching your money go down the drain!

Does the business listing really cost you money?  I believe that the majority of your customers can easily connect to you without the listing.  TA has been squeezing the small business owners and it requires you to take a second look.

- People are computer savvy and know how to find you without using an over priced TA link.

- TA won't stand behind or support you ( Uber ran into this).  

- Trip Advisor only cares about money and not helping customers.  

- The business listing doesnt generate more sales for you as it often is overlooked by most shopers. 

- Sprend your advertising budget on SEO and not TA.  Social media and good links from other businesses will help you more than a TA business listing.

Be a smart hotel owner and cut back your budget on Trip Advisor!

Peabody's Owner And I Talk Trip Advisor, Yelp, and more.

Deb is the intense, detail oriented owner of The Peabody restaurant in downtown Palm Springs.  She and I have known eachother for the past 12 or so years.  On this visit, she and I talked about Trip Advisor, Yelp, Groupon, and more over delicious steak and eggs.  Peabody's also has one of the best Bloody Mary's in all of the desert.

Debbie views the situation with TA like a train wreck into a tall building.  "Once the train leaves the track there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it from running into the building and creating a huge disaster," she shared with me.  "From what I can see I get more customers from Yelp than I do Trip Advisor.  My best source of business has always been local events that draw hungry people."

Debbie then went on to talk about Groupon and how it only hurts businesses.  She believes that the only business to use Groupon is one that has no idea of what their cost structure is and how the entire concept hurts small business.  "With Groupon your $10 dinner ends up bringing in only $2.50.  Selling a few extra drinks can help offset the loss, but it won't make the owner a profit."

Debbie also said that over her years in business the customer that comes in looking for a discount is the customer that ends up complaining the most.




Nightlife in Palm Springs: The Morning After

While Palm Springs is not traditionally known for their nightlife with the great traditions of Coachella and The White Party this is starting to change. Younger crowds that like to go out and party are coming in and so the area is seeing an influx of new clubs and old clubs are getting more popular. If you are coming to Palm Springs in search of a little fun here are some clubs that you should not miss.


Red Barn: This is a music venue and it really is hard to miss because it is literally a giant red barn. While the barn might say country music venue, it really does not play much in that genre of music. The Red Barn features a lot of local bands that are mostly rock and even reggae take the stage, which is interesting itself it has graffiti all over it. If there is not a local band on stage the Jukebox is on and offers a wide selection of rock classics. This is a fun and casual place that is a nice old dive that has good drinks that are cheap. (760) 346-0191)


Village pub: Want a place that has a dance floor and foosball tables to play at? The village pub is where you want to drop by while you're there you can listen to any number of live bands that play at the pub. You can get in any night of the week to hear the music for no cover charge any of those nights either. Once you get in the bar has 13 beers on tap and you can get a full menu of great pub food to eat as well. If that wasn't enough to entice you in there is an outdoor fire pit to kick back and enjoy on a beautiful night. The pub is open until 1:30am so you  can have a great time late into the night. (760) 323-3265)


Zelda's nightclub: Not at all like the game legend of Zelda, but just as fun you can head out and dance the night away on this traditional hot spot. Zelda's has been in Palm Springs for more than 35 years and still remains hot and ready to help you have a great night. The atmosphere inside the club is upscale and not a dive joint at all, you get to hear the hottest local DJ's on state of the art speakers. The club has a lot of promotions throughout the week and is a great place to mingle or just dance.  (760-325-2375)


Neil's Lounge: If you want an old time western feel when you head out try out Neil's lounge for your next watering hole. It is the Karaoke nights that are best known in this place because even celebrities have been known to drop in and have a few drinks, then pop up on the stage for a little bit of fun. The drinks are good and strong and the menu has a $5 choosing menu. (760) 347-1522)

On Friday or Saturday night I'm planning a visit to some of Palm Springs popular gay bars.  A straight guy hits the gay bars.  We will let you know what I learn.

January 20, 2016 Lunch with Film Festival Friends

Having been in the entertainment industry, I have wonderful friends in the biz from LA to NY to Honolulu.  I always enjoy spending time with friends who work H50 and other TV shows.  In fact, one of the big name producers of H50 in LA was nice enough to endorse my wife's project last year.

The Palm Springs Film Festival just ended on the 10th. I'm headed to lunch with a close friend of mine who manages the Palm Springs Film Festival and I'm anxious to hear how the event went this year.  


January 20, 2016

What a wonderful morning in Palm Springs. A glorious days like this motivates me to help those of us who love travel.  My friend just said, "What a great day to be alive and living in Palm Springs."

One of my biggest goals is to create environments and settings where couples can get together and connect or reconnect.  Imagine, a simple weekend getaway in Palm Springs or a nice week in Hawaii can keep love and passion alive in a relationship.

My long term goal is to own a couples retreat in Bali.  As some of you know, that almost happened a few years ago.  While thaat didn't work at the time, I will not ever give up.

****Never ever give up your dream*****

For some of us, we have so many dreams and desires that only time keep us from doing it all.  

You want to make your dream come true?  Do these few things:

- Write down your goals and keep them close

- Take the big goals and simplify them into smaller steps

- Do one thing or more each day to reach that small goal 

- Do not let negative people interrupt your goals and long term desires.

Here are a few of my long term goals:

- I will visit 150 countries.  I keep a list of countries I want to visit

- I will finish my third book (this one on travel)

- I will find ways to help the homeless situation even if only in a small way.

- I will evaluate producing another TV show that helps people (tired of shows that fail in this area)

- I will continue to get back at TA for disabling my account for a period of time.  (Revenge is too much fun now ant then)

- I will make a positive impact in the school children of Guatemala and help them advance there education.

- I will be even a better father, dad, and earthling.  Making a positive impact in all those areas is so important.

- I will figure out how to do more on my iPhone and get it to look right as I don't like to sit in front of a computer.


I have lived and continue to live a Cinderella life and I want to help you live the life you dream about as well.


Technology is fun.

Arriving at Palm Springs airport.

It was cold in PSP Monday night.

Woody's is a casual lunch place. Good Food.

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants in PSP.

You Wake Up And Suddenly You Are Overwhelmed

Kailua has become one of my favorite destinations. I want to buy more homes here over the next couple years.

One day my wife says to me, "It is time you take your hobby more serious.  Did you know that you own 22 properties around the world?  And, you're an investor in about 10 more hotels?"  

I knew this was my wakeup call.  For more than 10 years I had been buying and investing in homes and businesses around the world.  Many, well I guess 10, are hotels that I'm simply a passive investor.  But, of those hotels several are in the top 10 best in the USA on Trip Advisor.  Go figure, the company that got me started in a blog is the company that likes my properties.

I own personal homes in:

Palm Springs






I own investment properties in:

Las Vegas - multiples

California - multiple

Colorado - multiples

Florida - multiple

Hawaii - 4 in Kailua and building some as well

Hawaii - 3 on the Big Island

Guatemala - multiple including developing 2 more

Chicago - multiple 

I share this with you because it was a part of me that just happened.  After working in the wonderful entertainment industry and producting a few good shows and a few bombs, I escaped life and simply became a stay-at-home dad and husband.  Yes, I had the help of a live in nanny who is still a close friend of the family today.

I believe that each and every person can do great things on this planet.  My desire has always been to help release that and help individuals create greatness.


I believe that if you have a dream or desire it will come true if you simply get up every morning and attack life with passion.  Most important, the more you help others in even the simplist of ways the more you gain and grow.





January 18, 2016

View from 6B ORD to PSP.

I'm headed on Monday evening from Chicago to Palm Springs.  I will make sure to post pictures and share experiences with you as I make the most of a wonderful January week.  

I will be staying at my secret getaway where I escape life and enjoy the best the world has to offer. 

This week I will be talking with local small hotel owners in the Palm Springs area and discussing the problems that the Trip Advisor forums pose for hotels everywhere.

****I'm still trying to understand how to make posts skilfully enough on a website****


No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.  -  Abe Lincoln


These guys are the best. Always enjoy flying out of DuPage.

Day trips are always fun and educational.

Lincoln's Tomb is a reminder of life well lived.

Lincoln's home before going to Washington.

Stay the course and stand for what you believe is right

10 feet under in order to prevent grave robbers.

Kind regards

Epicurean Fun Traveler

Passion For Travel: A Start

I'm trying out the idea of doing a travel blog and seeing how it would come to life.  I'm frustrated  because has a way of limiting the voice of various travel styles. EpicureanFunTraveler was my name on TripAdvisor until I decided to pull the plug.

My desire is to champion various travel styles from backpacking to private jet.  

I will do my best to impart practical travel information for those who also share a passion for travel.  For me there is a difference between a tourist and a traveler.  Even this simple thought created anger toward me several years ago on My thought came from this quote:

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux  






Take the road less traveled. When some one tries to send you on a detour, stay your course and make good happen.

My goal in life is to do good and help others.  The more we can get out and help others the better our world will be for future generations.

I love sharing travel experiences from around the world.  If I can make one individual have a better trip or travel experience I have done my job.


How do you measure up?

Cambodia is enjoyable vacation destination.

A Bali restaurant over the water.

Asia is one of my favorite places.

A private pool at huge suite at Conrad Bali.