My passion for travel is greater than my ability to visit all the places where I want to go.
My problem is that after I have visited a place it isn’t checked off the list forever. I find that I can’t wait to return and visit again. Repeat visits are just as fun and exciting as the premier introduction.
I took this picture in Antigua, Guatemala this past week. I really enjoy returning to Guatemala. In fact, I have a place in my heart for Guatemala City, Antigua, and Lake Atitlan.

A quote on travel by Emerson

 “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson




Preventing Jet-Lag: Simple Tips

My favorite way of beating jet lag is flying from East to West. From the mainland to Hawaii this works well. But, unless you continue your journey around the world the only option is to fly West to East at the end of your Hawaiian holiday. Traveling from the mainland to Guatemala can be exhausting, but the time difference is usually minimal to nonexistent.

The end of vacation is always draining and kind of sad. The addition of jet lag only compounds emotions, complicates re-entry into the real world, and can exasperate life's frustration. There are 8 things I do that helps me adjust quickly:

1. Fly overnight when flying west to east. If you can get at least five hours sleep then you should be fine. If the flight is longer than the five hours from Hawaii to California all the better for getting a good nights rest.  I prefer flying from Hawaii to Dallas simply because I can get a good seven hours of sleep.

2. Once on the plane and seated practice relaxation techniques. I close my eyes and relax by putting myself into a state of balance. By the time the plane is in the air I usually recline and fall asleep. Often I'm asleep before the plane takes off.

3. Don't engage in conversation with seat mates. Unless you are wanting to make a new friend take this time for you. Talkative passengers can distract from the goal of getting rest and adjusting to the new time zone. I know that this comes across as unfriendly, but a chatty seat mate can easily drain you of energy and leave you exhausted on arrival.

4. No Caffeine the day of the flight. I love my coffee, but on the day I'm flying multiple time zones I drink more water and give up coffee and soda.

5. No alcohol before, during or after a flight will make your time adjustment faster. I know that this can be difficult for some, but it helps make the time transition easy and the trip more fun.

6. Eat light meals the day of travel as this helps the body adjust to the new time zone.  I suggest doing multiple small meals as it keeps you from feeling hungry.

7. Get out in the sun so your body knows that it should be awake.  Being in the sun also helps the mind adjusts to the new time.

8. Don't nap or go to bed too early once you have arrived at your destination.  I find this more important when traveling West to East.

When flying East to West one benefit of jet lag is getting up early and enjoying the morning. In Hawaii, getting up early means a morning hike and a breathtaking sunrise that once jet lag disappears totally becomes a more daunting task.

One hint that often helps me is having a snack such as nuts and fruit available in case I wake at 2 or 3 in the morning ready for breakfast. A lite snack of fruit and nuts can save a stomach when restaurants are still hours from opening and no one is ready to cook a full meal.

A friend suggested to me to get barefoot and run through the grass and become one with the destination.  I'm not sure if it helps, but it is a fun way to celebrate the travel experience.

I find jet lag affects me more after a vacation when the excitement of a trip has vaporized into photo memories and silly souvenirs.

A side story

Several years ago I shared the widely accpeted jet-lag prevention of not drinking alcohol on  Needless to say, this was attacked by several of the posters.  At that moment I should have questioned the validity of information shared on the Hawaiian forum.  Opinions are one thing, but encouraging people to drink when flying to prevent jet-lag goes against all accepted medial infomation.




My home on Lake Atitlan has a magnificent view.

A favorite destination in China.

European beauty is often found in their churches.

Along the Mekong Delta.

A statue in St. Petersburg.

"No Problem" isn't "My Pleasure"

What's in a phrase? Would the service factor be any better with different words? The words we choose in everyday life do make a difference. I, for one, wish I had a better grasp and better use of the right words at the right time. In the service industry the choice of words can often ignite conflight or assuage peace.

A front desk clerk at a hotel may say, "there is a problem with your reservation" tipping the scale of anxiety as you stand waiting in fear that there will be no room at the inn. The choice of a phrase, "we have plenty of rooms, but I can't seem to find your reservation." keeps us calm from the first few words.

The right choice of words makes all the difference.
On a recent flight from the mainland to Hawaii airline purser Craig Krater made me aware of two words we can all pull out of storage to give respect and show our servitude to others. I, for one, am tired and slightly offended when a server says, "no problem". Those two words come across as saying, "Your request is annoying and interfering with my time, but I will survive.". In reality, my request should not only be "no problem" it should be greeted with a happiness to serve.

When Craig Kater brought me a cup of coffee his response was, "My Pleasure". Wow! What a sign of respect, kindness and appreciation. Those in the service business can learn from a guy like Craig.

I asked Craig about his spot on comment and he said, "I really believe that it's my pleasure."
"There was a time when it was a pleasure to travel," he commented. ""I like to put as much pleasure into flying as I can."

Craig reminded me where he picked up the service appreciative phrase. "As a guest at the Ritz Carlton they always say "My pleasure" and it truly should be any customer service persons pleasure," he added.

It's my pleasure to write my travel thoughts for your reading pleasure.

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Bathroom Prep On The Road

"Dad, i need soap, I need shampoo, I need a towel. All I have is water." came the helpless voice of my young daughter several years ago while staying at a popular hotel.
Today, she reminded me of that moment and it has been a turning point in her hotel showering practice ever since. I even notice that her simple phrase reminds me of planing ahead before jumping into a hotel shower.

I brought this up because it is something that happens to many of us when we travel.

When staying at a hotel or vacation rental it is smart to plan ahead and not get caught off guard. It is frustrating getting into the shower and not having everything you need or want. The simple task of grabbing a towel can become a daunting trek over a wet floor when you forget to plan ahead.

What I do, since my daughter's plea for assistance, is to organize my toiletries and the bathroom when I first get into my room. It takes a few moments to place towels on a hook or to simply insure that they are in easy reach.

After giving the shower and bathroom a once over for cleanliness I then unwrap my soap and place everything I will need in the shower for future use.

When traveling alone or with family it is much better to prepare than to end up in the shower and realize that all you have is water. 

Being Number 1 isn’t about the leader, owners, or investors: It is about you the guest

I wish I could take credit for all my leadership successes, but that wouldn’t be fair.  I recently learned that three  of my entrepreneurial and investment projects toped a list by I can’t explain how happy our entire team was when we received the news. 

I’m really rather shocked about being given these honors.  What I have tried to figure out is what it is that made our propertiws do so well in all these categories. 

What I do know is what it wasn’t:

- Old hotels with maintenance issues –  We know that the team didn’t win these rewards because of the property.

- Any one individual – There is no one individual who provided better service than anyone else. The properties have small teams of involved, caring, focused, and ready to please individuals.  It is impossible to point to anyone individual as the best.

- Location – If people were rating the properties on location we wouldn’t be in any top category

What makes a business #1:

- Wonderful guests – First and foremost the awards we received belongs to the amazing guests who create the atmosphere and have the appreciation for our product.

- Amazing teams – Everyone on the team from the maids to the cook to the managers understand the importance of providing the guest with an incredible, memorable experience.

- Focus on Service – First and foremost, the customer does come first.  The one and only reason we are in business is because of the guests who have decided to spend their money and time at our property

- Creating magical experiences – Unlike some places, time at our properties is like taking a trip in a time machine.  Once a guest enters the gates to the hotel they are transformed to another place and time

- Listening to the guests – When a guest has a comment, concern, or question the team knows to focus on the guest and understand exactly what they want or need.

- Building loyal guests – A one time visit is always welcome as new guests are vital to any business. But, the fact that the property has created long term loyal guests is what really makes the difference.

Remember, I'm a passive investor in more than 20 properties so I'm not hands on in any way.

I often tell managers that any meeting or project can and should be interrupted for our children or for our guests.  No business meeting is too important not to pause and spend time with the customer or our children. Having the right focus in business and life makes all the difference.


The history of my travel addiction - Part 1

I learned to fly at 15 and soloed on my 16th birthday. From then on I was hooked on private air travel.

The genisis of my desire and the first trip

When I was still in the single digits in age my dad’s boss brought me a flyer from TWA (an airline consumed by American Airlines) showcasing their brand new 747 and their futurist new terminal at JFK.  Vince Greg, a dapper gentleman and a high level executive at General Electric, regaled me that evening with stories about flying first class on TWA to Europe.  His words to me, “Get your dad to take you to Europe on the 747. It’s spectacular.”

The First Trip - It Started My Passion

My first trip to Europe with my parents came when I was 11 years old.  We flew Pan Am to London and returned home on an Air France 747 out of Paris.  On that trip we visited 11 countries and to this day I can still remember the names and order of the countries visited.  Our journey included: England, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Monaco, and France.

I was addicted from the moment I flew the pond and have remained addicted to this day.  My father worked and he left the task of planning our three week summer vacation to me.  I know for many that must sound farfetched.  It was my reality. 

The planning stage – As much fun as the vacation

One of the reasons I enjoyed sharing insights into travel on was because I grew up spending my spare time planning our family summer vacation.   While other boys would be off playing games and other teen activities I would collect travel magazines and read about travel.

Yes, I did enjoy going to toy stores and building trains and little cities.  I also enjoyed going to our travel agent and getting new brochures on travel.  I know that in my teens I was the youngest, most traveled, and well versed on the subject of travel as anyone who used our travel agency.   I would be taken to lunch by Diane (our agent) and sold on options for future travels. 

It was at this time I started to know the names of Maupintour, TravelWorld, Travcoa, Tauck, and many more.  I quickly learned to discard the cheaper brochures as I knew their trips wouldn’t please my dad.  My dad wanted small groups of 18 to 24, top name hotels, quality service, and unique travel destinations.  Considering that I was pre-teen when all this first started, all destinations were exotic and different.  A Midwestern young boy was stimulated and filled with experiences I later learned were not the same as the rest of my peers.

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History of my addiction - Part 2

The Second Trip – Unique, Exotic, and a little Scary

The second trip was certainly beyond the comfort level of %99.9 of the other Americans.  I don’t think at 12 years old I had any understanding of how off the charts of trip really was for the 1970’s.  We booked a Maupintour that visited: Warsaw, Poland; Leningrad, Soviet Union; Moscow, Soviet Union; East and West Berlin, Germany; Prague, and Czechoslovakia. 

I had an appreciation for the unusual aspects of the destination and was even intrigued with all the cold war experiences we encountered.   We were followed when walking the streets of Moscow.  We were sidetracked and asked questions in a Moscow park.  An obscure American joined our tour multiple times without any question from our tour leader.  My principal in elementary school was called by the FBI or CIA or something with initials.  Our neighbors were contacted and questioned.  My dad’s boss and coworkers were also interviewed and questioned.  My guess is that my dad’s work at General Electric had something to do with the extra investigations. 

The Third Trip – I must have been crazy or at least naïve

At 13 I have no idea what got me interested in traveling to the Middle East at a time when danger filled the region. Then again, I’m not sure there is ever a safe time to travel in the Middle East.  In many ways, this trip was a turning point in my life.  In less than a month I had more experiences than some have in years. 

I met Charles Heston at the Cairo Hilton and he asked me if I wanted to play tennis.  I ate dinner in the desert next to a young woman who died in my presence of a drug overdose.  I met a 36 year old woman who would in 5 years become my older lover and confidant.  I few on a TWA flight from Israel to Athens where two men were taken off the plane prior to departure.  Only a few weeks later that same flight blew up over the Agean Sea.   I met Jimmy The Greek in Beirut, Lebanon.  Our family was treated like royalty at a restaurant in Jordon because people thought my dad was the US ambassador.  I looked much older for my age and quickly learned that women stroked my ego because I was an American and not because I was a hot, handsome guy.

On this trip we visited Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordon, Israel, and Greece.

The Fourth Trip – Rather bland except an embarrassing mishap and blatant porn

Like anything, it is hard to keep making trips spectacular year after year. This trip wasn’t nearly as spectacular as the first three.  I did have a few memorable experiences that could only happen while visiting the forward thinking countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

We had a huge two bedroom suite at our Stockholm hotel.  Being a teenager, a hyper one at that, I liked getting out of the room and exploring the hotel on my own.  I was returning to my room and pushed the floor in the elevator.  For most people our self-centeredness is apparent when an elevator opens we know it is for us.  I exited the elevator, walked to our room, and noticed that the door was ajar. Once inside I screamed “Mom. Dad.” and there was no answer.  I walked through the living room down a hall to the bedroom.  The bathroom door was open and I knew immediately that the naked woman in the bathroom mirror was not my mom.  It was most teenagers’ dreams.  I was scared to death and ran right out of the room.  The rest of the time at that hotel I was worried that someone was going to point at me, scream something in a language I didn’t understand, and then arrest me and send me to prison until the turn of the century. 

Sweden will always be remembered for the fun and excitement of seeing a beautiful woman nude and for being scared to death.  Copenhagen will always be remember for being open about pornography.  There were even displays of porn in the hotel lobby.  I was a 14 year old in the candy store of an adult bookstore open for my eyes and imagination.

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Part - 3

The Fourth Trip – Rather bland except an embarrassing mishap and blatant porn

Like anything, it is hard to keep making trips spectacular year after year. This trip wasn’t nearly as spectacular as the first three.  I did have a few memorable experiences that could only happen while visiting the forward thinking countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

We had a huge two bedroom suite at our Stockholm hotel.  Being a teenager, a hyper one at that, I liked getting out of the room and exploring the hotel on my own.  I was returning to my room and pushed the floor in the elevator.  For most people our self-centeredness is apparent when an elevator opens we know it is for us.  I exited the elevator, walked to our room, and noticed that the door was ajar. Once inside I screamed “Mom. Dad.” and there was no answer.  I walked through the living room down a hall to the bedroom.  The bathroom door was open and I knew immediately that the naked woman in the bathroom mirror was not my mom.  It was most teenagers’ dreams.  I was scared to death and ran right out of the room.  The rest of the time at that hotel I was worried that someone was going to point at me, scream something in a language I didn’t understand, and then arrest me and send me to prison until the turn of the century. 

Sweden will always be remembered for the fun and excitement of seeing a beautiful woman nude and for being scared to death.  Copenhagen will always be remember for being open about pornography.  There were even displays of porn in the hotel lobby.  I was a 14 year old in the candy store of an adult bookstore open for my eyes and imagination.

The Fifth Trip – Finally below the equator

Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chili, and Peru were on this year’s agenda. 

The Sixth Trip –Domestic and Caribbean

The Eighth Trip – Reunited and an International Date Line Crossing

It was toward the end of my 18th year and I finally got to cross the International Date Line and visit Asia.  The trip was the bests trip since I was 13 for reasons physical, emotional, educational, and enlightening.

The important points to this time in my traveling life revolve around being a hormonal teen of age.  I was traveling around Asia on a small tour with the same woman who filled my fantasies since meeting her in the Middle East and a new female friend who had just become a doctor and enjoyed my company. Enough said. 

I felt comfortable in the lifestyle and culture of Asia that would shock most small town Midwesterners in the 1970’s and 1980’s.   Once I experienced traveling in Asia it was immediately my favorite place to travel.  On this trip we visited Seoul, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

I learned quickly how small the world is when I met a nice guy in Bangkok who worked for NBC news and then ran into him again in Hong Kong.  The world also felt small seeing the woman I found desirable at 13 again five years later in Asia.  From that trip on I have always found the world to be small and connected. 

Leaving my teens and living my next decade

Trips started becoming more blurred in my 20’s.  While my focus was education and getting a career started I still found time to travel.  Some of my trips worthy of mention during this decade include:

- More frequent short trips to London.

- Two unlimited travel flying trips on Eastern Air Lines (Everything from Mexico to Barbados and much more).

- A fast 3 night trip to Hawaii and Waikiki with a college buddy

- Traveling to Australia and New Zealand multiple times

- A proposal at the Taj Mahal and a return trip to Japan

- Countless weekend meet-ups at different locations around the US with my girlfriend.

My 30’s was a decade of incredible vacations and explorations

My frequency of escapes and trips became more frequent.  The decade set the foundation for a future of even more travel in my life.  I went from one big trip each year to sometimes weekly trips and multiple weekend getaways to a commuter marriage.  I did more awesome travels in this 10 year period than the past 20 years combined.

Part - 4

My frequency of escapes and trips became more frequent.  The decade set the foundation for a future of even more travel in my life.  I went from one big trip each year to sometimes weekly trips and multiple weekend getaways to a commuter marriage.  I did more awesome travels in this 10 year period than the past 20 years combined.

- Honeymoon in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan

- A fast nine day vacation in Australia and New Zealand

- Numerous vacations to Europe with friends, family, and as a couple

- One year I visited all 50 states by flying (in my 40’s I did 48 states again by driving)

- My first circumnavigation of the world in 1997

- My first of many cruises started later in the decade

- My first visit to Antarctica

- My first safari in Africa

- An expedition to Iceland and Greenland

- My first of several visits to Mainland China

- A Mediterranean cruise with my daughter and my dad

- Two cruises to Alaska

- A flying vacation to Alaska

- An expedition on the Amazon

- A cruise to Bermuda and a couple return trips to the island

- One or two corporate incentive trips to the Caribbean and Hawaii with my wife’s company

- Numerous weekend and short trips with my new daughter to Orlando (Six times in one year)

- Yearly two week vacations at Christmas time

- I went to Las Vegas multiple time every year both solo and with my wife

- I flew more than 100,000 miles on both Delta and American in one year alone

The 30’s were wild, but my 40’s finally put my travel passion into overdrive.  I gave up working at 37 and started spending time with my daughter.  In my 40’s one my son came along, I was consumed by travel beyond most peoples understanding.

The decade of my 40’s:  Watch out world here I come with children in tow

- One year I did six cruises with my dad

- For a five year period I did 10 week vacations each year by car visiting all 48 states (Hawaii and Alaska by plane)

- I did two around the world trips with my children

- I did a circle Pacific Trip with my children

- I was invited on an expedition to the North Pole

- My dad and I traveled on a Russian Nuclear Ice Breaker

- For three years I did monthly vacations (emergency vacations) to Hawaii

- I started buying homes for personal use starting in Las Vegas then internatinally in Guatemala and then expanded to Hawaii and California.

- I did a December trip for a week each year with my son to Florida or a special cruise.

- Several really short silly trips to Hong Kong, Europe, and the Caribbean

- I flew numerous times to Hawaii for periods less than 2 days during construction on our home

When I look at my highlights I realize that I have actually left out some that could make up an entire trip report.  By this time I have now visited more than 100 countries.  My goal now is to reach 150 and one day I can only hope that I can make 175.  

Details of the last two decades

The Falcon 20 out of DuPage Airport is my favorite pricate charter.

**Numerous trips from 2000 to 2015 are still being reserected from receipts and old FF statements.


Unable to reconstruct exact dates [yet]

Visited all 50 states, some multiple times by plane in 1995




May , 1996                  Germany                                                                     plane



June, 1996                   Las Vegas                   work on TV show                   private plane

June, 1996                   Los Angeles                work on TV show                   private plane

July 1996                     Las Vegas                   TV show project                     private plane

July 1996                     New York                   TV show project                     private plane

August 1996               Florida                         3 week vacation                      plane

August 1996               Las Vegas                   escape

August 1996               Los Angeles                TV show                                 plane

September 1996          Europe                         18 day vacation                       plane

October, 1996             Indiana                         visit family                              car

October, 1996             Portland, OR                Ryans visit                             plane

Nov 28, 1996              Indiana                         visit family                              car

Dec 20, 1996               Orlando/WPB             X-mas vacation                       plane



Almost every weekend to Indiana to see Grandma and Grandpa.

January 1997               Las Vegas                   TV convention                        plane

Jan , 1997                    San Deigo                   Business trip                           plane

Jan, 1997                     Orlando                       Business trip                           plane

Feb, 6, 1997                New Mexico/              Business trip/visit Family        plane


March 1997                 Florida                        Vacation 2 weeks                    plane

April 17, 1997             Wash DC                    Business trip                           plane

April 20, 1997             Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

May 1997                    Ohio/Ft. Wayne          visit Dick/Mary                       car

                                                                        more family                

June 21, 1997              Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

July 4, 1997                 Florida                         vacation with Family              plane

August 15, 1997         Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

Sept Labor Day           Wash DC                    sightseeing                              plane

September, 1997         Ft. Wayne                   vacation 1week                       car

October, 1997             Spain   1 week             Costa Del Sol vacation           plane

October – November  Around the world       vacation with Dad                  plane

                                                                        San Francisco                          plane

                                                                        Hong Kong                             plane

                                                                        Kuala Lumpur                         plane

                                                                        Singapore                                plane

                                                                        South Africa                           plane

                                                                        Zimbabwe                               plane

                                                                        Kenya                                      plane

                                                                        Switzerland                             plane

                                                                        Spain                                       plane

                                                                        Turkey                                     plane

November 1997          Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

November 1997          Hawaii                        with wife                                 plane




December 20, 1997     Florida                       2wks  X-mas vacation             plane



Jan 10 - 22                   Las Vegas                   TV convention NATPE

Jan 23, 1998                Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

March                          Ft. Wayne                   visit Family                             car

March                          Florida                        2 weeks                                   plane

April                            London                       1 week                                     plane

May 2, 1998                Colorado                     visit Family                             plane


June 6, 1998                Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

June 13, 1998              Warwick, RI               visit C/C                                  plane

July 4, 1998                 Florida 2 wks              vacation                                  plane

July 1998                     Boston 1 wk               sightsee/visit C/C                    plane

July 20, 1998               Ft. Wayne                   zoo (Donation)                       car

July & Aug                  Iceland                        with dad                                 plane


Sept, 1998                   Seattle, WA.               Visit Ryans                             plane

                                                                        Consider Coffee biz

Sept 28, 1998              NC 1.5 wks                 vacation                                  plane

Oct 7, 1998                 Florida                         wedding                                  plane

Oct 12, 1998               Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

November, 1998         San Deigo ,CA            1 wk vacation                         plane

Dec, 1998                    Florida                        3 wk X-mas vacation              plane



Jan 27, 1999                Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

Feb 1999                     Hawaii                         vacation                                  plane


                                    Big Island

March 13, 1999           Ft. Wayne                   Lou's 75th B-day                      car

March  1999                Colorado                     Hawaii/move                          plane

March                          Las Vegas                   Parties week with Roy            plane

April, 1999                  COS/NJ                       move to new home                 plane

April  24, 1999            St. Thomas                  Premier trip                            plane

May                             Honolulu                     2 week trip                              plane

June to Aug                 Africa                          Expedition                              plane



                                    The Gambia

                                    Cote D’Ivory






September, 1999         Ft. Wayne                   Labor Day wk-end                  plane

September                   Honolulu                     vacation                                  plane

October                       China   2 weeks           With Dad                                plane


Dec, 1999                    Florida 2 weeks           X-mas                                    plane





January                        Las Vegas                   TV parties NATPE                 plane

January                        New York                   Party for TV show                  plane

February                      Honolulu                     vacation week                         plane

February                      Australia                      Celebrity party                       plane

                                    New Zealand

March 2000                 Florida                         vacation 1week                      plane

April 4 - 24                 Hawaii                          Dad's house

May 15 - 24                Sydney                                                                        plane


June 9-13, 2000           Florida                         vacation                                 plane

July - Aug                   Alaska                          Crystal                                   cruise

August 9- ,2000          Colorado                     visit Family                             plane

Sept 9-16, 2000           Disney Cruise             vacation Roy Disney Suite plane/ship

                                    St. Thomas

                                    St. Marteen

                                    Bahama's - Disney Island

Nov 26-Dec 9             Panamal Cruise           Crystal cruise                      plane/ship


                                    Cayman Islands


                                    Costa Rico


Dec, 2000                    Orlando 2 wks         X-mas                                      plane




January                        Las Vegas                   TV event                                 plane

February 19-22            Philadelphia                                                                car

March 10-15                Anaheim                      Big event TV                              plane

March                          New Orleans               TV party & hanging out       plane               

April 20-27                  Orlando                       Spring Break                          plane

April 30-May 8           Barbados                     Seabourn cruise                 plane/ship

Countries:                    Grenadines

                                    St. Lucia


                                    St. Thomas

                                    San Juan

May 12-14                   Dallas                                                                      plane   

May 31- June 10         Maui                            Grand Wailea                         plane

June 23 - July 1           LA/Las Vegas             Summer vacation                    plane

July 10-16                   Colorado                     Emma vacation                       plane

July 17-22                    Ft. Wayne                  Emma vacation                       plane

July 28 - August 14     Europe                        Celebrity cruise                 plane/ship

Countries:                    France





                                     Bulgaria                                                                      plane   

August 22-Sept 1        Alaska                         Crystal cruise                       plane/ship

Country:                      Canada (Vancouver)

Cities:                          Anchorage






Sept                             Las Vegas            Party weekend                                    plane

Oct                              Honolulu              Circle Pacific                           plane

                                    Big Island



                                    Hong Kong



November                   Miami                                                                          plane


                                    West Palm Beach

December                    Las Vegas                   real estate hunting                   plane

December                    Florida                        2 weeks                                   plane




January                        Las Vegas                   TV party                                 plane  

January                        New York                   Visit friends                            plane

February 9-24              Orlando                       Vacation                                 plane

March                          Las Vegas                   NAB party 1 week                  plane

April 20 – 27               Orlando                       Vacation                                 plane

May                             Wickford                     Aunt Colleen                          drove

May 8 - 23                   Cruise                          Seabourn                                cruise

June                             Wickford                     Aunt Colleen                           drove

June 8-12                     Ft. Lauderdale            Wes Graduation                      plane

June 29-July 6             COS                            Vacation                                  plane

July - Aug                   North Pole                   Expedition                              ship

                                    Norway                                                                       plane




August 17 – 24           Cocoa Beach, Fl.         Vacation                                  plane

August 26 – Sept 2     Ft. Wayne                   Grandpa                                  drove

September                   Florida                         fun week                                 plane

Oct 25-27                    New Orleans               Mom celebration                    plane

Nov 6 – Nov 10          Ft. Wayne                   Out of School                          plane

Dec 20 – Jan 4            Orlando, FL                X-mas vacation                       plane


                                    West Palm Beach



Jan                               Las Vegas                   Party week                              plane

Jan 31- Feb 8              Port Canaveral           Disney cruise                   ship/plane

                                    Key West                    Roy Disney Suite


                                    Grand Cayman


Feb 14- Feb 18            Ft. Wayne, IN             Grandpa’s                               plane

March                          Hawaii 2 weeks           family                                     plane                                     

April                            Argentina                    escape                                     plan                                                                    

June 21-28                   Bermuda                     Cruise                                     ship

July 2 – Aug 22           Indiana                         Driving trip                             car


                                    West Virginia




                                    N. Carolina

                                    S. Carolina





December 21- Jan 4    Holiday Cruise            X-mas vacation                       plane/ship                                                  

                                    Puerto Rico



                                    St. Kitts

                                    St. Maarten

                                    St Thomas

                                    Freeport, Bahamas


Once a month flew to Kansas City to visit with my friend John (ALS).  Helped him through his last months.  

January                        Las Vegas                   party week with Roy              plane

January 30 – Feb 1      Jupiter, FL                  Visit Mike and Debbie           plane

Feb 20-28, 2004          Orlando, FL                Vacation                                 plane

March 12 - 18              Las Vegas                   NAB with friends                   plane

March 26-April 3,       Las Vegas, NV           Spring Break                           plane

June 11-12, 2004         Seattle, WA                Before Cruise                          plane

June 12-19, 2004         Princess Diamond       Cruise to Alaska                      ship



                                    Tracy Arm



July 19 - 27                 Seattle


July 3 – 10, 2004         Colorado Springs        July 4th                                   plane

July 16-19, 2004         Orlando                       Mom’s HS Reunion                plane

July 21 – August 24    Michigan                     Driving trip                             car














Sept 2 to 20                 Around the World









Sept 24-25                   Michigan                     Betty’s wedding                     car

Oct 9-12, 2004            West Palm Beach, FL Mike and Debbie                    plane

Oct 15 to 28                 Cruise


                                     St. Thomas


                                     Devils Island

                                     Manaus, Brazil

Nov 23-25, 2004         Ft. Wayne            Thanksgiving                           car

Dec                              Ft. Wayne                   Xmas CC w/Santa                   car      

Dec 20-Jan 3, 2005     Cunard QM2               X-mas Vacaction           cruise

                                    St. Thomas

                                    St. Kitts






                                    Tortola (BVI)

January                        Las Vegas                   TV Parties

January                        New Orleans               Crazy Times

February                      Honolulu               2 weeks



                                    Big Island

March 23-April 1        Iowa                            Spring Break 2005                  car




May 7, 2005                Charter plane                                                              plane

                                    Ft. Wayne to see family


May 18 – 21                Las Vegas                   Party with wife                       plane

May 27 – May 30        Washington DC          Memorial Day                        plane

June  4, 2005               KZOO                         Tyler’s Graduation                 car

June 10 – 17                Phoenix                       Summer vacation                   plane

July 2 – 8, 2005           Colorado Springs        4th July                                  plane

July 11 – 12                 Ft. Wayne                                                                  Drive

July 12-13                   Kalamazoo

July 13-14                   Detroit

July 15-16                   Ft. Wayne

July 17-18                   CVG/Dayton, OH

July 19                         Ft. Wayne

July 30 – Aug 27         Driving Trip 2005



                                    North Dakota







                                    South Dakota

Sept                             Palm Springs    week with wife                                  plane

October 8-11               Colorado Springs        Birthday

October 15 – 26          Hawaii                      Relaxation                                 plane

November 4 to 8         London                    Theater                  Plane

Nov 22-24                   Ft. Wayne                Thanksgiving

Dec 17 – Jan 1, 2006  Port St. Lucie            Christmas

                                    Sarasota                    Christmas New Years                         plane

January 10 to 21          Hawaii                     Multiple Islands

Feb 2-4                        Sheyoygan, WI         Water Park                           car

Feb 25                         Springfield, IL                                                        car

March 2 – 5                 Colorado Springs   family                                    car

March 23 – April 2      Florida - Deland    Houseboat on St. John’s River  plane

April 8                         Providence, RI       Visit Uncle Chris    Neighbors plane

April 15                       Ft. Wayne              Visit Grandpa –Easter       plane

April 22                       South Bend            Taekwondo Tournament    car

May 3 to 17                  Maui                       Investment meeting            plane

May 21 to 27                 Cancun Mexico      Party Week                         plane

June 10 - 16                 FtWayne/IU           Driving trip around Indiana  car

June 16-23                   Orlando                  Family Vacation                   car

June 23-24                   Little Rock, AR     World Championship Taekwondo  car

June 24-25                   Memphis                Visit Camille Daniel                       car

June 25-26                   Indy, IN                 US Kids Golf Tournament    car

June 26-27                   Ft. Wayne/Chicago Grandpa’s then home          car

July 2- 6                      Colorado Springs    Family                                plane

July 8-22                     N. Belgrade, ME    Maine Golf Camp (visit to Uncle Chris)

July 25-28                   Ft. Wayne            Private jet to Ft. Wayne         plane

July 28-Aug 26           Driving Trip 2006    Family                                car

                                    Columbus, OH            Major cities listed

                                    Cincinnati, OH

                                    Lexington, KY

                                    Knoxville, TN

                                    Johnson City, TN

                                    Charleston, WV (Mt. Vernon)

                                    Roanoke, VA

                                    Raleigh, NC

                                    Richmond, VA

                                    Harrisburg, PA

                                    Philadelphia, PA

                                    Bernardsville, NJ

                                    Danbury, CT

                                    Providence, RI

                                    Boston, MA

                                    Auburn, ME

                                    N. Belgrade, ME         Golf Camp

                                    Manchester, NH

                                    Ft. Wayne, IN

Sept 16, 2006              Ft. Wayne, IN                                                car

Sept 18 – 20                San Diego               Week Vacation

Sept 23, 2006              Warsaw and Ft. Wayne, IN                           car

October 10 - 17           Palm Springs           Birthday                        Plane

Oct 29, 2006               Ft. Wayne, IN                                                car

Nov 2-5, 2006             Ft. Wayne, IN                                               car

Nov 8 to 15                 Hawaii                    Investment Real Estate   Plane

Nov 17-19                   Ft.Wayne, IN                                                car

Dec 2–3, 2006             Ft. Wayne, IN                                               car

Dec 15 – 17                 Ft. Wayne, IN                                               car

Dec 18 – 21                 Orlando with Spencer                                  plane

Dec 23 – 26, 2006       Ft. Wayne,                                                   car

Dec 28-30, 2006         Colorado Springs, CO             Flying Private  jet

December 31, 2006     Orlando               2 weeks X-mas                      Driving



January 6 – 12, 2006     Sarasota, FL.       Family weekend                      plane

January  20 - 27            Las Vegas            Party                                       plane

February 1 – 4, 2007   So.Bend/Ft. Wayne, IN                                       plane

March 1 – 2, 2007       Kalamazoo, MI                                                    plane

March 2-3, 2007          Ft. Wayne                                                            plane

March  8 - 18              Maui                     Ritz                                         plane

March 25-28                Tampa                                                                 plane

April   14 - 21              Grand Cayman    Party week                              plane

May 26–June 2, 2007 Tampa                 Party & fun

                                    Bonita Springs

                                    Islamorada                                                          plane

June 10–July 24, 2007Florida                Driving trip                             car






                                    New Mexico





July 24- 29                  Ft, Wayne       Fly private                               plane

Aug 3 – 13                  Lake Geneva, WI

                                    Wisconsin Dells, WI                                       car

August 21 - 22          Downtown Chicago                                          car

Sept 10 - 24              Hawaii                   Real Estate                        Plane

Oct 6 – 8                   COS                                                                  plane

Nov 20 – 22             Fort Wayne – Thanksgiving                              car 

Dec 7 - 8                  Fort Wayne (festivity)                                       car

Dec 10 – 15             Orlando with Spencer (Father & son)               plane

Dec  22 - 23             Fort Wayne                                                    car 

Dec  26 - 29             Colorado Springs                                          Private plane 



Dec 30 – Jan 4            Colorado Springs Drove back to COS 

Jan 4                            Kansas City/Home                             

January                        Las Vegas           Party with Roy & friends      plane     

Feb 15 - 17                  COS                                                                   plane 

Feb 28 – March 1        Kalamazoo/ Martin                                            plane 

March 21 - 29              Florida                    Spring Break                               plane

April 4-6                      COS                                                                   plane

April 18-19                  Springfield, IL                                                   plane

June 15 – 29                Hot Springs, AR                                                 car

                                    Little Rock, AR                                                  car

July 5-19                     Bridgewater, NJ Private jet                                plane

                                    Maine Golf Camp (MGTA)    Private jet                                plane

                                    Salem, MA                                                                              car

July 28 – 31st               Galena, IL                                                     car

August 15 – 22           Sarasota, FL                         Private jet                                plane

                                    Orlando, FL                                                                            plane

Nov 2-4                       NYC                                       TV friends                               plane

Dec. 26 – 30                Colorado Springs, CO                        Drive/Fly



Jan 3-7                         Ft. Wayne, IN    Drive

January                        Las Vegas          TV event                                 plane

Feb 6-8                        NJ/Daniel   Bar Mitzvah                            plane

February                      Maui          Four Seasons                           plane

                                    Big Island                               Four Seasons                           plane

March                          Guatemala                               Private                      plane   

March 30-April 1        Las Vegas, NV/Spring Break                         plane

April 17-18                  Springfield, IL                                                car

April 20 to 27              Las Vegas       with Roy                                 plane

May 4-6, 2009             COS               real estate search                     plane

May 13-15                   Sarasota                                                         plane

June 11-12                   Ft. Wayne - donation       Fundraiser            car

June 14-16                   Lexington, KY – donation                           plane

June 21-27                   Hawaii                                                          plane

WORLD TRIP           Around the World

July 11 – August 24    L.A., CA

                                    San Fran, CA

                                    Honolulu, Hawaii

                                    Tokyo, Japan

                                    Beijing, China

                                    Hong Kong, China

                                    Bangkok, Thailand

                                    Delhi, India

                                    Helsinki, Finland

                                    Paris, France

                                    London, England

                                    Madrid, Spain

                                    Guatemala City, Panajachel Guatemala

October 9 -12              Disney World – Orlando                                        Plane

November 23 – 25      Fort Wayne                                                             Drive

December 9 – 12         Cruise with Spencer                                               plane





December 20 –            Guatemala 2 weeks                                          plane

January 1



Las Vegas                   Party week                                          Irene                            plane

New Orleans               Celebration weekend                                             plane

February 12 – 16         Sarasota                                                                 plane

March 28 – April 3      Guatemala                                                             plane

May 7 – 11                  Maui                      Four Seasons                           plane

May 18 - 21                 Bermuda                                                                plane

June 6 - 11                   Indianapolis                                                           drive



 June 15 - July 24        Guatemala                                                              plane 

July 27 - August 10     New Orleans                                                          plane

                                     Los Angeles

                                     San Diego







                                  Las Vegas

Sept                           Honolulu                                                                                 plane


                                    Big Island


October                       Honolulu                                                                                 plane

                                    Big Island

November                   Kailua 2 weeks                                                                        plane

Nov 24 – 26                Ft. Wayne- Thanksgiving                                                        drive

Dec 19 – Jan 1          Guatemala – Xmas                                                     plane




Jan 22 – 24th                Las Vegas – celebration trip   Private Jet                               plane

Feb 20– 27th               Hawaii – Oahu/Big Island                                                      plane

March 12 – 13             Ft. Laud- party                        Private Jet                               plane

March 27 – April 3      Hawaii – Oahu Spring Break                                                  plane

April                            Las Vegas                                           NAB                           plane

May                             Bermuda                                             golfing                         plane

May                             Grand Cayman                                    golfing                         plane

May 29 -31                  Indy – Indy 500                                                                      drive

                                    Around the World

June 11 - 24                 Guatemala                                                            plane

June 24 –July 9           Hawaii – Oahu/Big Island                                    plane

July 10 – 13                 Seoul/DMZ, Kore                                                plane

July 13 – July 22         Vietnam                                                               plane

                                        Ho Chi Minh                                                                       plane

                                        Hanoi/Halong Bay

July 22 – August 12    Baltic Cruise – Holland America                                            ship

                                    Copenhagen, Denmark

                                    Tallinn, Estonia

                                    St. Petersburg, Russia

                                    Helsinki, Finland

                                    Stockholm, Sweden

                                    Kiel, Germany

                                    Copenhagen, Denmark

                                    Oslo, Norway

                                    Kristiansand, Norway

                                    Bergen, Norway

                                   Alesund, Norway

                                   Invergordon, Scotland

                                   South Queensferry, Scotland

                                  Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

                                  Zeebrugge, Belgium

                                    Dover, England

August 12 – 14           London, England                                                 car

Sept 4 – 13                  Guatemala                                           Vacation                      plane

Sept 17 – 19                Santa Monica - Lauren Robinson Wedding   plane

Sept 22 – 29                Palm Springs     vacation                               plane

Oct 4 – 16                   Hawaii                fun                                      plane

Oct 20  - 25                 Florida               look at property                  plane

Nov 2 – 15                  Hawaii                house fun

Nov 19 – 20                Ft. Wayne, IN – Set up Xmas Tree donation   drive

Nov 22 – 24                Ft. Wayne – Thanksgiving                               drive

No 26 – 30                 Hawaii 3 islands           relaxation                    plane

Dec 2 – 10                  Cruise with Spencer                                          ship


                                    Central America


Dec 12 – 15                 Hawaii            check on house                           plane

Dec 17 – Jan 1            Xmas – Orlando (Disney)                                  plane



                                   Sanibel Island            




January                        Hawaii 2 weeks      vacation                       plane

February                      Guatemala 1 week  check on house            plane

February                      Hawaii 1 week       vacation                       plane

February                      Mazatlan Mexico 1 week                    vacation                       plane   

March 2-24                    Palm Springs                                             plane

                                     LAX Weekend                     

                                     Spring Break




                                    Sedona, AZ

April 12 - 16               Palm Springs                                                   Fly

April 20 - 21               Palm Springs/Arizona/Colorado        Drove (new car)

April 21 - 28               Honolulu      Flew from DEN to HNL

April 28                      Denver to Chicago                              Drove (new car)

April                   Hawaii                         fun 2 weeks                 plane

April                          Arizona 1 week         Spring break                plane

April                            Las Vegas with Roy   party week                  plane

May                             Hawaii  2 weeks                                  vacation                       plane   

May 25-27                   Indy 500                                                         drive

                                    Asia and USA

June 2 – August 18   Singapore                                                        plane





                                    Big Island                                                      


                                    Los Ángeles                                                   

                                   Palm Springs                                                          car

                                   San Diego                                                              car

                                   Los Ángeles                                                           car

                                   Las Vegas                                                             plane

                                   Dallas                                                                  plane

                                  New Orleans      Football game                            plane                                            



September 15th            Sweet 16 – Day trip to Ft. Wayne                  Private plane   plane

Oct 7-8                        Nashville – Vanderbilt trip                                                     plane

October 10 - 17           Hawaii - Birthday trip            Plane   


Nov 20 - 22                 Ft. Wayne, IN – Thanksgiving                                               car

December                   Florida - Birthday week (Father & Son)


Dec 22- Jan 5              Orlando (Christmas Break)                                                     plane

                                    Miami  - Sylvia’s House                                                         

                                    Sarasota – Mike and Debbie                          




Jan                             Little Rock, AR        friends dinner              plane

Jan                             Miami                       party                            plane

Jan 17 – 22                Oahu  (Tour Set of Hawaii 5-0 w/friend)     plane

February 1 - 14         Kailua                                                            plane

                                    Big Island


March 9 – 10              Sarasota                                                                      plane

March 14 - 19             Hawaii   


Mar 23 – 30                 New York (Spring Break)                                         plane

April                            Las Vegas      TV parties with Roy                           plane

April                            Hawaii

May 3 – 5                    SMU Spring Fest                                                      plane

May 7-11                     LA Palm Springs                                                      plane 

May 12 – 20                Kailua                     house check                               plane

May 24 – 26                Indy 500                                                                    car

June 9 – Aug 17          Summer Trip                                                             plane

June 9 – June 14          Washington DC                                                                      plane   

June 14 – 24                Guatemala (Antigua, Lake)                                      plane

June 24 – August 13   Oahu (Waikiki Landmark/Kolea)                             plane

                                    Big Island                                                                               plane

                                    Maui                                                                                        plane

August 13                   San Jose                                                                                  plane

August 14                   Los Angeles                                                                            plane

August 17                   Las Vegas                                                                  plane

August 20 - 22           Dallas – Home                                                            plane

Sept                             Hawaii 2 weeks                                                        plane

Sept                             Guatemala                look at land purchase              plane

Oct 8                           Dallas Day trip                                                         plane

October 10 – 14          Hawaii                      check on house                       plane

Oct 18 – 20                 LAX visit Montana                                                 plane

November                   Fun Trip                                  silly fun                                   plane   

                                    Seattle                                     for dinner                                plane

                                    Honolulu                                                                                 plane

                                    Big Island                                                                               plane

                                    Maui                                        party                                        plane

Nov 27 – Nov 30        Houston – Thanksgiving                                                         plane

Dec 6 – 8                     Dallas UCF vs. SMU              Private jet                                plane

Dec 10 – 19                 Hawaii 2 islands                                                plane

Dec 22 – Jan 5            Orlando                                                              plane

                                    Sarasota/Long Boat Key                                

                                    Westin – Sylvia’s                                           


                                    Charlotte to Chicago                                      



January                        Fun 2 week trip                                                           plane

                                    Charleston, SC

                                    Miami, FL


                                    Los Angeles

Jan 16 – Jan 21st          Oahu – fast weekend with family    Hawaii Five-O Friends                                      plane

January 25                   New York      party with Roy                                    plane

Feb 7 – 11                   Los Ángeles- Montana B-Day                                   plane

Feb 14 - 24                  Honolulu

                                    Big Island

Feb 26 – March 1        Dallas – SMU                                                            plane

March 5 - 15                Santiago


Spring Break               LA/Santa Monica                                                      plane

March 31 – April 5      Palm Springs                                                             car

                                    Las Vegas                                                                               plane

May 23-24                   Evansville, IN Shelby’s Graduation                                       private plane   

Summer June 2 – August 16th

June 2 – July 8            Oahu –                                                                     plane

                                    Big Island                                                                               plane

July 8 – 12                   Dallas AARO                                                      plane

July 12 – August 9      Oahu                                                                    plane

July 15                         Big Island                                                            plane

August 16                   Dallas                                                                   plane

Sept                           Los Angeles                                                                            plane   

                                                            Honolulu                                                                                 plane

                                    Dallas                                      day visit dinner

Dec 10 – 19                 Honolulu                                 with daughter                          plane   

Dec 19  – Jan 3           Palm Springs                                                                           plane

                                    Los Angeles

                                    Santa Barbara

                                    Rose Bowl Parade



January                        Las Vegas                                           friends party                plane

January                        Guatemala

January                        Palm Springs

                                    Kailua                                                                                      plane

February                      Kailua

February                      Los Angeles

March                          Dallas                                                                                      plane


                                    San Antonio

March                          Kailua                                                                                      plane


                                    Big Island

                                    Dallas                                      day visit with daughter

April                            Las Vegas                                           NAB                           plane

                                    Palm Springs

                                    Los Angeles


May                             Maui                                                                                        plane


                                    Big Island

May                             Los Angeles

                                    Palm Springs


June 10 – Aug 16        Summer Vacation                                                                   plane

                                    Palm Springs

                                    Los Angeles


                                    Las Vegas



                                    Big Island

                                    Los Angeles


                                    Panama City, Panama




August            18 - 22            Dallas                                      with daughter                          plane

Aug 25 – Sept 4          Kailua                                      solo                                          plane

                                    Big Island

                                    Los Angeles                           

September                   Dallas                                      Day trip                                   plane

Sept                             Kailua                                                                                      plane  

October                       Honolulu

                                    Los Angeles

                                    Palm Springs                                                                           plane


November                   Honolulu                                                                                 plane

                                    Big Island

                                    Palm Springs

November                   Hong Kong                             4 day trip                                 plane

December                    Honolulu                                 1 week                                     plane


                                    Big Island

December                    Fort Lauderdale                      weekend                                  plane




January                        Austin


January                        Springfield, IL

January                        Palm Springs

                                    Los Angeles

January                        Kailua

January                        Austin

February                      Dallas


March                          Nashville

March                          Dallas




                                   Machu Picchu

April                            Hawaii

                                   Los Angeles


May                             Cancun

                                   Palm Springs

June                            Los Angeles





June                            Orlando


                                   video program

June                            Dallas

July                             Dallas


                                   Easter Island

                                   Buenos Aires


August                         Los Angeles

                                   Palm Springs


September                   Maui

                                   Big Island

                                   Los Angeles

                                   Las Vegas

October                       Palm Springs


November                    New York

                                   Los Angeles

December                    Hong Kong

                                   Las Vegas

                                   Palm Springs

December                    Tokyo




January 2017  

January                       Kenya




Yes, Ive been busy traveling but need to get my latest list from my wife who keeps detailed lists for me. 



Share LOVE and you will find happiness.

The fish auction in Japan is an early morning activity.

Japan is full of art.

The colors of Japan.

One of my favorite destinations - Thailand.