Homelessness: Helping Others.


I was approached at least 10 times over the past week here in Palm Springs by homeless people. I face the same issues in Hawaii.  
Yesterday, a customer at Starbucks went crazy when a homeless guy approached him for money.   Unlike the customer who went crazy video taping and screaming at the poor guy, I felt a level of compassion for the man.  
What can we do as travelers to help those less fortunate?
- My nephew carries zip lock baggies with soap, a tooth brush and paste, shampoo, and more.  Taped on the outside is the address and information for shelters.
- Volunteer to feed and help at homeless shelters.
- Give those in need your left overs from eating at a restaurant.
We all can help make the world better.

Too Many Attorney's For A Guy Who Doesn't Work

After leaving the entertainment industry and becoming a stay-at-home dad I had no idea that I would need as many attorneys on speed-dial.  It has become almost impossible to do anything in this country without first consulting legal counsel.

In Hawaii, I have four different attorneys that give insight into everything from getting money back from the state to CPRing land where I'm going to build homes.  In California, Nevada, Florida, and Illinois I have attorneys that help with something.  I'm sure they help with something because they bill me frequently. 

One day I will write about how hard it is to get money back from the state of Hawaii.  If you own land in Hawaii and are not a permanent resident, it becomes a pain getting money back after selling residential property in the state. 

  • Many are frustrated!

    Many of the small hotels on the BI know the forum issues and wish something could be done.
    TA has no idea how much damage posters like the DEs are doing on the forums.

  • Having fun with new people.

    Meeting and talking to new people from around the world who own small hotels is so much fun!
    Anyone can make a difference in this world it simply takes desire, passion, and tenacity.

  • Before I'd write reviews on TA.

    Best waitress of 2016 at this restaurant during my visit to Austin. I visit, on average, one new restaurant a day.
    When in Austin, TX going to a new restaurant all the time is part of the joy of the city.

Campaigns Starting on CL, Local Newspapers, etc.


Here is an example of the posting we are doing on Craigslist.org, a couple newspapers, other web sites, and more.  I'm using an online business out of the Philapines to do much of this work.


Thank you kindly for reading! 

If you have knowledge and a passion for Hawaii then consider getting on  www.tripadvisor.com and helping people who will be visiting our great state.

Local views and perspectives are needed on www.tripadvisor.com and the Hawaiian forum. I'm certainly not going to tell you what views you should express, as it is all about individual views and opinions. 

Tripadvisor.com, Hawaiian forum, needs a variety of perspectives on the topic of travel and it is important for U2BU. UBU and share how you feel. If it agrees with everyone else, fine. If your views don't agree with everyone, then that is fine as well. 

Many mainlanders are posting wrong information and kicking local people off the forum.  Don't let mainlanders rule! 

check out: 


Simply get on www.tripadvisor.com and register for free. Then go to the Hawaii forum and help travelers with their plans. Please note, I do not want you to take my side or to fight my battle. I simply want to get more opinions on travel to Hawaii.  Many opinions that disagree with the 'group think' mentality get kicked asside. 


You can make a positive difference.  Correct all the wrong information. Share your views even if they are totally different than mine.  There is no one right or wrong view of travel.

Register for free at www.tripadvisor.com and post on the Hawaiian forum. 


My suggestion is that you get on tripadvisor.com and kindly introduce yourself. Make sure you are kind, non argumentative, and simply share your perspective. 

Suggestion for your post: 

Subject: Aloha! I'm here to share my views 


My name is ______ (first name only). I live in ______ and want to make the Hawaiian forum better. It is my desire to share and impart my knowledge the best I can. 

EpicureanFunTravel, AKA Edward Staak, has encouraged me to simply be me. I will not take sides and I will not endorse views of EpicureanFunTravel or any one else for that matter. He told me to be me and that is my intention 

If you report me and want me disabled, like you did to some other locals, then you should know the following: 

- I'm not EpicureanFunTravel. 

- I'm here to share my views and make a difference. 

- I will call out wrong information as I see it. 

- I will report discrimination to TA. 

Now, let’s get down to helping others. 

You may have your own interest or words for an introduction. Do what you feel is the right way to go. 

Follow EpicureanFunTraveler at www.epicureanfuntraveler.simplesite.com 

Be aware that some regulars on the forum can be nasty to you when you have views that disagree with the norm.  Don’t let people like SheaG, BLBL, Amberloo, Jet83, and a few others stop you from being you.  Share the views that you have and simply be you. 

If anyone is nasty to you report them immediately to account_disabled@tripadvisor.com.