Can something like this really happen? Would a grocery store not know the meaning of such a distinction?
On second thought, probably not.

When I fly first class the flight is never too long.
When I fly coach the flight is never short enough. -Edward Staak

Tips for post travel

When returning from a trip there are some tips that can help you make the move from vacation to real world easier.

Here are a few tips based on what my family does when returning home from a trip:

- Wash every piece of clothing and do it sooner than later

- Clean your shoes and spray the tennis shoes with Lysol.

- Put tooth brushes, tooth brush holders, baseball hats, anything plastic used on the trip in the dishwasher and run it as a separate cycle.

- Placing a baseball cap on an upside down strainer will keep the hat looking great.

- Wipe out the suitcases and roller boards and spray with Lysol. In some cases (pun intended) simply wash them with a hose and let dry.

- Triage documents from the trip. Organize receipts and verify all charges to make sure your charges are correct. I'm always surprised how many wrong chargers occur on credit card statements.

- Documents you don't need or want that have your name may be best put through a shredder.

If you have any other good post vacation tips please send them and I will make sure to share.

  • Funny Names Make Me Laugh

    How can you not pause when you travel the Midwest and see Kum &Go stores? There are wonderful signs everywhere.

  • Fireworks Around The World

    Does life get any better? Sometimes I have to pause and remind myself that this is real. I feel fortunate to have all that I have.

  • Does This Make You Happy?

    A visit to the Waldorf Astoria in La Quinta recently. This is a resort that has pleased my family numerous times.

More Radio Stations Show Interest

I have had success with numerous talk radio stations wanting to chat about Shea Grimm and her friends on Trip Advisor putting an end to free speech.

There are some great pieces writen about the end of free speech.  Take time to GOOGLE "The end of Free Speech" and you will start to see some very good insight.

Comedians Jerry Seinfield and Tina Fey have refused to do college appearances because of the huge misguided attacks on free speech and political correctness.  When liberal comedians decide to stop doing college shows because of over the top PC concerns we should all stop and take notice.


Update 4.8.2016

I was copied on a comment from a poster that I must have 'too much time on my hands."  I can answer that as "I wish!"

I'm starting to find more interest in this story and how to fight than I can manage.  There are many people interested in this issue.  



Several Emails Today 2-26-2016

I received several emails today and I enjoy getting the responses both good and bad.  

One of the messages today:

WHy are you trying to get SheaG on the radio to talk smack?  You are the jerk posting on the forum.  You are an ASS.  


I'm going to be on a Hawaiian radio station on Monday morning again and the radio personality and I thought it would be smart to invite the woman who reported me to talk on the show as well. Of course, it is only a request.  

This morning on the Portland radio station I asked anyone to post on TA as I'm not suppose to post any comments on TA until the issue is resolved with account services.  

No, I haven't been posting on the forum and I haven't even been reading the forum very often. I believe that TA is smart enough to prevent me from posting anything online as they are skilled at tracking that stuff down.  And, anyone like me who uses an aol account doesn't know much about the computer world.   

Feel free to send your comments good or bad.  I enjoy reading all of them.  

  • Trip Advisor Support Doesn't Help Much!

    Simply put, no one other than Trip Advisor support will talk to me about my account being disabled.
    I simply want to chat with a representative from TA that will explain to me why my account was disabled after I provided the following:
    - More than 900 reviews
    - A link to my American Express
    - Promote TA to friends (use to before the ambush)
    - Haven't been on TA forums since being ambushed per TA's rules

  • Why I Keep Voicing My Views Without TA

    If a person shares views with the INTENT of helping others and then is called out for being a DISRUPTION is the issue with the poster or with the person calling out the intended good deed?
    I refuse to allow my voice to be silenced when so much wrong information is being provided to people.
    My editor of my book on travel secrets from a banned TA forum posters wants me to share everything.
    My goal has been to create an e-book to help people. Between my publicist and my editor I'm getting pressure to do more.

  • Surprise! Lets See If TA Means It.

    I talked with the TA help desk in Bulgaria this morning and they said that I can have my account back.
    It may take a few days.
    I'm not sure if Cindy in Bulgaria was simply placating me to get me off the phone or if she was really going to get it done.
    I'm not expecting anything good to happen, however, I would greatly welcome being able to share my travel thoughts on TA.
    When you have a passion for travel and people it is so hard not to find happiness sharing positive travel ideas.

Be Careful on Trip Advisor

I received a message that several people who have gone on TA Hawaii forum have been kicked off simply because they had heard, seen, or read one of my advertisements.  

Please stand up for what you know is right.  While TA can kick anyone off for any reason, it really isn't right that they silence people's voices simply because they are friends of mine.

I contacted Trip Advisor over and over and not one person from TA has even kindly reached out to me.  

From now on, if you want to help people on TA it may be best not to mention that you have come across my postings and ads.  




A Huge Thank You to Dallas!

I had an amazingly successful interaction with some old friends from graduate school at SMU and some new friends today.  

I appreciate how interested this group was about my experiences on Trip Advisor and how companies like Uber get no support even when doing a large promotion.  

When one sets there mind to something the power of positive revenge is stronger than powerful machinery. 

I'm counting down the days until 2-14-2016.  Will I get my voice back on TA or will I need to push the super-charged button on my plan. 

Today, I'm ready for either.  

Off to California today.  Meeting friends from the TV industry. And also a friend from Hawaii 5-0.  


+Update 4.3.2016 Not one person has emailed me or returned my phone calls From TripAdvisor.  In effect, making a statement "we don't care about your 1,000 reviews, 3,000 forum posts, and 2,000 photos.  I warn people: TripAdvisor doesn't care about you as an individual. All TA wants is for you to boost their SEO for free.


Presidential Lessons: A Little Personal

If you followed me on Trip Advisor or if we know eachother in person, you are aware that I have had some wonderful, educational encounters with a few presidents.  In some parts, thanks to my highly visible father.  Then again, my gregarious self has been able to connect in real life.  It is only online that I have problems connecting with people....haha. 

Bill Clinton: My biggest connection to the world of politics.

The very first time I met then governor Bill Clinton was in the bathroom of Ashley's restaurant at the historic Capitol Hotel in downtown Little Rock.  It was the first encounter that would end up changing my life in a handful of ways.

Whle in high school I started working at a local Little Rock radio station.  I had the duty of attending the governor's press conferences on a regular basis.  

During those early years I then got to know some of the family and even dated a relative.  

It was because of a Clinton family member that I was suppose to meet in Miami on the 25th of January more than a score ago that I ended up meeting my wife.  My chance encounter with the woman who would spend a significant part of my life with me was all because of a Clinton family member and Pepsi.  Why Pepsi?  Now there is a story that I only share over a cup of coffee.

I learned a lot from Governor Bill Clinton. I also knew more about his life and affairs than many when he ran for president.  

Ronald Reagan: Thanks to my dad I got to spend time with him

The carisma of Ronald Reagan was as powerful as the style and warmth of Bill Clinton.  For fear of sounding simple, both had the most amazing presidential persona.  Mind you, my first meeting with Reagan and Clinton were before they became president.

I was very young at the time, but to this day I remember how warm, comfortable, and impressive I felt in fronbt of Reagan.  

The story Reagan shared with our group that first time we were together still resides in the back of my brain.  The story was about a polititian and pigeons.  The moral of the story was to find the common ground with your consituants and listen to what they have to say.   

George Bush: It is a Dallas thing y'all

My encounters and meetings with Bush steem from my time at SMU in Dallas and my continued involvement with the school.   

If you are ever in Dallas you may run into the former president on campus or at a local restaurant.  It is at his favorite local restaurant, Rise, where my fun story occurs.  Well, you may not think it is fun, but I there...haha.

I'm a regular at Rise because my daughter loves the restaurant.  While seated waiting for lunch one day in March I asked the waitress if she had waited on the president, yet.  She said no, but then shared that the table where we were seated was where he frequented.  

Imagine 4 old world school desks with a flip up storage area for books and school supplies.  I opened my desk and saw a variety of nice notes to the president.  Laura would then sit where my wife was seated and Rice, when she was in town sat across from Laura.  On the shelf there were a series of books that had been writen by the trio.  Now, if you sit at the table you will also see my wifes book sharing the shelf.  

I have many more fun stories about the three I listed above and I may share them in the future.

An Email From A Fan

An email from a reader, shared at the senders request.

My story:
I followed you on TA and now on your page.  You keep me positive when I travel.
Get to the car rental place. Ordered the cheapest car I could find. $66 for 5 days. That included taxes. Get to the counter ..sorry out of economy cars. OK what can you give us for the same van! So we took a towne and country van. HUGE! Priced $175,a day for $66 for 5 days. I was happy.
So now we head out to the hotel. We get there at 2am (plane had issues two hour delay). Hotel was full. We requested 2double bed. Sorry out of that. Put us in a family suite and gave us free breakfast. Family suite has queen bed and bunk beds. I got the bunk bed breakfast $25 a day. Free! Room upgrade $250 a day we paid $360 for four nights! Still happy!
I just LOVE getting a deal! Or at least feeling like I did.  I learned staying positive from your posts. Thank you!
Enjoy your Friday!
An Epi Fan 
Thanks for sharing and allowing me to share!

Emails - Friends and Foes Speak Out

Email Message:  You must have too much time on your hands to do all of this.

Answer: Thank you. What a compliment to tink that I'm able to use my time in such a way that someone would actually think I "have too much time."  First, sleep is a waste of time when on this planet.  I try my hardest to make the most of my time by using my iphone when driving around (being driven), flying, taking trains, and at other times.  

I'm using my iPhone for all of this project as well as other projects.  Sitting at a lap top or a real computer is simgle tasking in my book.  When I can accomplish two things at once I'm much happier.  

I've helped ghost write a book, blogs, and much more all on my iPhone.  One can accomplish so much when they have a desire.

I have to laugh that people will say that I have too much time on my hand when I assume this came from a TA poster who has made 20,000 or 30,000 posts.  If a poster on TA has 30,000 posts and have posted for a period of 10 years that means they most likely have spend about 200 hours a year or more making posts to enrich the owners and stock holders of TA.  Now, how can I harness free labor like that?