TripAdvisor Doesn't Service Customers

One of the biggest problems facing TripAdvisor is the lack of customer focus. is only focused on building walls and keepting people away.  TripAdvisor seems to not give a darn about sericing customers.  

TripAdvisor needs to be more customer focused as it moves more towards a full travel oriented business.

If you have an issue with and you contact them more than once they start to ignore you totally and they have no system for you to get your voice heard.

Be cautious of for your travel use.  

Trip Advisor: LinkedIn and Twitter Fall Together?

Twitter has become a falling star in the world of investments lately.  Here is a story that explains:

The market sees LinknedIn problems tied to the job market.  I disagree.  Having helped people a few years ago with their LinkedIn presesnce I believe it went from a select group of users to a mass arena that results in sales professionals hounding executives.  Here is what Wall Street says:

I think Trip Advisor is closer to these two falling stars than it is to the strong survivors of Wall Street.  

- The quality users of Trip Advisor no longer believe the reviews.

- Manipulation of the site from some is seen by owners and users alike.

- Expedia got rid of Trip Advisor and for some very good reasons.  A company like Trip Advisor makes too many enemies over time. 

- Business don't want to pay for 'business listings' when the benefit is minimal.

- People may look at reviews but they go elsewhere to buy travel product.

- When the masses start to use a product they destroy it for the select few, much in the same way LinkedIn failed to keep it select vs. plebian.

Will LinkedIn, Twitter, and Trip Advisor vanish into the world of businesses like MySpace?  Only time will tell.