Iceland is a beautiful destination. I enjoyed seeing places I hadn't seen for about 20 years when I visited Iceland with my father.

Kayaking in Central America on a beautiful July day!

Sitting in seat 2A on a 787 gives a passenger a different perspective. I know some don’t like it, but I enjoy the backward view.

Hanging backstage at On Your Feet (Gloria Estefan play) in Holland. Spent the afternoon and evening with the wonderful, creative, dynamic director and some of Europe’s most talented actors. A special thank you to everyone!

Statue at Kona Airport!

Being silly on AA FC

Leaving Kona

Sunset over the Pacific.

Running into another Flight Attendant friend.

Green Sand Beach

Always a nice treat!

Excitement on BI.

Volcano action!

Beautiful and powerful!

Worth the Trip?

Feel the power!

Here again is a good example at taking time to look at every fare. No price difference for upgrading to Premium Economy and only slightly more for international business class.

I had two lobster rolls while on my trip to Boston and a meeting at TripAdvisor.

Do you ever listen to Carrie Underwood? She sings a song about not being in Chicota anymore. But here I am I am in Chicota now!
Today I am driving from Dallas to Chicago and enjoying this beautiful countryside. Wife really doesn’t get much better than this. Sometimes I think I’m way too fortunate and maybe a tad too lucky.

I was fortunate to visit the North Shore of Oahu recently and caught this relaxing 😎 picture on the beach.

Dubai at night.

Loving Dubai!

Love the 747 still!

Peoria does Alpaca!

Travel Your Way!

American Airlines 777 Service from DFW to HNL is better than the old 767 Service.

Hilo airport has fresh leis available.

A beautiful sunrise from the Admiral’s Club at ORD. The skyline is downtown Chicago. Awesome morning!
#sunrise #chicago #admiralsclub

Volcano Village Lodge has a famous cat named Gino

Really Loved My Time at Volcano Village Lodge!

Spending time in Kailua, Oahu!

Flying First Class to Fiji was Moderately Comfortable

The Bright Glow At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  • Building Lofts in Guatemala

  • Love the Ocean!

  • Time in Vanuatu

ORD to NYC to LA to HKG to DAL to LAS to PSP to ??

Friends from Movies and Radio. Love these guys.

Scared the **** out of me. Tiny toilet made me laugh.

Driving from LAS to PSP for a few days.

Many stops on a fast trip of fun, friends, and smiles.

STL airport still keeps the TWA terminal architecture.

New Food Truck at AA Terminal 4. Darn good food.

How you get rid of a car on Maui. The road to Hana.

The church in Hana, Maui.

The back road from Hana back to the Maui airport.

NoGo TripAdvisor is My Passion to STOP BULLIES!

I Love it when it is HOT HOT HOT!

Dinah's near Culver City and LAX is popular for food.

Remember when this was the only way to the gates at LAX

I'm fortunate to have friends around the world.

Donald Sutherland - That Voice! April 3, 2016

I'm in the Admirals Club in Miami and I pause to let an older, rather disheveled, uncoifed, gray haired man pass.

"I need to be preboarded," the gentleman states to the agent working the club area.

Immediately, the voice stood out.  His look didn't register right away, but I knew I knew that person.  I'm the worst at facial recognition to the point that it is a terrible handicap. I wasn't sure if it was a close old friend or someone who simply had 'that look'.

"I'll take care of that for you, Mr. Sutherland." the lady responded.  

When he was finished with the agent I politely said 'Hello, Mr. Sutherland. I'm Edward Staak and I meet you years ago at a party held by Samuel Goldwyn Jr.," I said.

"What a shame he passed." The stoic actor responded. 

"Agree. He did a lot for keeping old movies alive. Great seeing you again," I simply responded. "Be well."

That was it. Nothing grand or earth shaking.  But, he was kind and polite to this plebian.  Had he been sitting next to me in first class I probably would have said something stupid like, "What do you do for a living." HaHa.  Yep, that is me.  


Old Town Lima Peru.

Old Southwest Planes go to work for Peru

Coca leaf tea. It helped years ago and again now.

Showing off my LOVE for Hawaii at Machu Picchu.

Morning dew at sunrise at Machu Picchu.

Speech on Downside of TripAdvisor - Nashville TBA - 3.28.2016

I just leanred that I will be in Nashville next week giving a 'small' presentation on the problems of TripAdvisor.  

I will be presenting and sharing information about my voice being eliminated from TA at a new meeting of hotel executives.  

I just agreed to make the presentation this morning and will know more, hopefully, later today.


After last Friday's radio time in Austin I hope to also get some time on Nashville Talk Radio next week while I'm in Nashville.  

If anything develops with the talk radio station I will keep you posted.



Guinea Pig Starter in Peru.

Alpaca Steak- Tastes like a delicious pork tenderloin.

Sunset over Lima, Peru.

Lima Peru is on the Pacific Coast.

Amazing Beauty in Lima, Peru.

Planning A Trip To Machu Picchu and Austin.

I thought I would take a moment and write about how we plan for a trip to Machu Picchu and Austin.  Yes, most people probably don't combine those two, but starting Thursday that is our itinerary.

Packing:  For this trip we are going to need dressy outfits and casual clothing.  Since I like to travel as light as possible here is our plan for this 9 day trip.

The three of us (my son, wife, and I) will pack individual rollerboards that we can carry. Then we have decided to pack a separate, or 4th bag for the formal events in Austin.  

On Saturday, after the formal event, we will ship our fourth bag back home so we won't have to deal with it any longer.  

On Monday, at the hotel in Lima, we will check two of the roller boards so we can go for three nights up to Cusco and Machu Picchu with only one roller board and three moderate sized backpacks.

On Tuesday, when we take the train to Machu Picchu, we will keep our room in Cusco and leave the one rollerboard and only travel for the one night with backpacks.

Here is the itineary:

Thursday: Chicago - Austin 

Friday: Austin ~ Formal Festivities 

Saturday: Austin - Dallas - Lima

Sunday Morning arrval in Lima

Monday: Lima - Cusco

Tuesday: Cusco by train to Machu Picchu

Wednesday: Machu Picchu by train to Cusco

Thursday: Cusco - Lima

Friday: Lima - Miami

Saturday: Miami - Chicago

At first glance, this trip is going to look too fast for most travelers.  For those on the Trip Advisor Hawaii forum who preach only one island in seven days would scream about all the stress and time spent flying.  In reality, this itinerary, other than the Austin visit isn't that unusual for a Peruvian adventure.  I did a similar itinerary when I was 15.


If we weren't in need of formal attire I wouldn't pack until Wednesday or even early Thursday morning.  Yes, I find much more than that means I will forget something.

Since we have a formal event and will need formal dresses and a tux we will probably pack on Sunday.  

++++Update:  It is now 4 hours before flight time and I'm going to pack right after I finish this post.  Yes, I guess I wait till the last second.++++



  • Another Quick Trip To Hawaii

    I had a chance to do another quick trip to Hawaii this month (March). Always fun flying to the islands.

  • On The Set Of A Cooking Show

    I was on the set of a cooking show for the Food Network recently. Always fun seeing friends.

  • Dinner in Winter Park, Florida

    Time in Orlando this month. I still have one more BIG March trip coming up next week. Austin, Texas and Peru.

Using Only An iPhone Isn't Easy

I only use my iPhone for posting and doing most everything.  I know this caused a problem on Trip Advisor as it wasn't easy moving around.  

It is very difficult surviving and posting on a website like this as well.  Forgive me for not posting regularly.

Today, 3.24.2016 a close friend of mine said, "Your sight is great and I now won't use Trip Advisor." The next comment was right on the money, but hurt. "Your sight is a little confusing." 

I admit that this sight is a mixed up mess.  Two things to remember: I'm not tech-savvy; and I do all tis with an iPhone.  Her great response back at me, "Get a tablet!"

Thanks for being patient and putting up with my sharing of travel information.  

What a FUNtastic Week

This was a FUNtastic week.  I started out Monday spending time at my son's school and then left for a fast trip to LA, Honolulu, Kailua, and then home.  Yes, it was a very fun trip, but I made some huge advancements in my retaliation against Trip Advisor.  It was amazingly productive and more fun than most people have in a year.

In LA I meet up with a few friends for dinner at the Polo Club.  When I make reservations in my name they always give me Tom Hanks booth.  Tom's booth is the second booth from the right. What a fun time hanging with some ole Hollywood friends.  My buddies made me promise to meet with an attorney in Honolulu and stick it to SheaG.  I'm hesitant. But, I did meet with my guy as I made a promise.  A $100,000 retainer will freak out my  Oh well, she is use to me and my frivilous lawsuits.

I got into Honolulu in time to meet my close friend of Kalapawai Cafe for dinner.  I think the Kalapawai dinner menu has improved and is better than ever.  If you are in Kailua make it a point to stop buy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Say HI to Paula and her crew in the morning.  The entire team there is fantastic.

Morning drive radio is still one of the best forms of entertainment.  Morning drive on a small station with limited management direction is the best.  On a small station you can try new ideas and jokes without being held to a set format.

Met a few more friends while on the island.  Had lunch to discuss my properties in Kailua.  Had coffee with a builder, and had a nice dinner with a local radio personality before getting my 10:30PM flight back to Chicago.  

Today, Satuarday, I'm headed for Miami.  Does life get any better than this?  I don't think so.



LAX Tonight & HNL Tomorrow & Home on Friday Morning 3/1/2016

Being silly and passionate about travel allows me to do silly things now and then.  I ended up booking flights to LAX today in order to meet a dear friend for dinner.

Then, I'm on the 9:50 flight to HNL tomorrow. My fast trip to HNL is for meeting James, the radio host for AM 1080.  I will have limited time, but I will also get to have dinner with some Kailua friends and one of my new friends I met while doing my fast trip to Hong Kong.

Tuesday - ORD to LAX

Wednesday - LAX to HNL

Thursday HNL to ORD

Friday - Arrive Chicago

I love flying.

I love travel.

I love helping people with their travels.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. I Think I will go to Hawaii to Meet James from AM 1080 this week

I mentioned this idea to James from radio 1080 yesterday that I might just fly over to meet him and be on his show on Wednesday live from Honolulu.  

I might go to LA as well.  This is where it gets real exciting.  Can I do all this and be back in Chicago to meet my daughter at the airport? 

Life, Travel, and More.

I want to add, "James, thanks for inveigerating me and letting me know that there are wonderful people out there in the world.  You are an amazing talent living inside our radios. Keep up the good work."

A Special Thank You - Embassy

I just wanted to send a shout out and thank the people at our US Embassy for their amazing kindness and special surprises when we arrived here in Peru. 

Thank you very much!