It Takes Time

it takes time to get a point across in today’s world.  Of course, some postings go viral quickly. Other postings or causes require time, dedication, and a constant need to keep the information out in front of people.

Out Of the blue I got contacted to visit the TripAdvisor offices and met the TA team. I admit that I thought my fight was little more than a fun activity to fill the gaps in a day.

Trip Advisor Meeting

Reports Of Imitators

Received Information From a TA friend that someone went on TA acting like me.  

Also told that friends of mine were kicked off and abused. 

Nothing confirmed, but both are very sad.

Trip Advisor Meeting

No Need to Hide- Fighting For What is Right!

My name is Edward Staak and I'm standing up against what I perceive as harasment, group think, and down right mean attacks on a public forum.

I know the world is full of individuals who have been bullied, attacted, and mistreated in this day of the internet.  Feel free to reach out to me and I'm happy to discuss your situation and learn.

Contact me:

Edward Staak

~~~Doing all this from my iPhone causes me to make many mistakes that I simply don't see. ~~~

Trip Advisor Meeting


March 25,2016

Best day this week!

Radio for TA talk!


Double FUN!


Today, got me more motivated in my fight to make people and businesses aware of Trip Advisor and the dangers of online forums.  

A day doesnt get much more wonderful and energizing than a day like today!


>>>Please share anything and everything as you please!<<<<<

5 Reasons For Sharing Everything

There are five reasons for sharing everything openly and as factual as I can on this sight.  

First:  My ghost writer said that once I started doing radio stations and simply talking about my perspectives I had to drop the vail of secrecy that the name EpicureanFunTraveler provided. "This is a real situation and you are a real person.  You can only make a difference when you are you."

Second: A dear friend said that I needed to get out and fight for my feeling of being unjustly treated.  "You know more about travel than most people. You are unique in that most people don't understand you and your passion for travel." She went on to say, "Ed, Anyone who travels by private jet, first class, is so magnanemous, helps the homeless, vacations at least one week a month, and takes about 10 weeks off in the summer to travel, comes across as fiction and not reality."

Third:  I'm learning that the Trip Advisor Forum, review section, and entire concept has grown to a point of doing more damage than good all for the purpose of making money for a corporation.  There may be many reasons for Expedia getting rid of TA, but I think they know the damage the company was causing their business portfolio.

Fourth: I'm certainly not rich.  I must stay in budget when I travel. I have an ability to find great deals and make incredible dreams come true.  I want to share that with the world and I refuse to let a few people who don't know me keep my voice down in the world of travel that I LOVE!

Fifth: I have been told by a couple friends that I have been accused of getting on TA under different names.  I will not get on TA under any name.  I do and will encourage friends, family, and other travelers to freely share my message on TA or anywhere.  Being blamed for other people sharing information from this sight concerns me.  In many ways it shows me how bad online forums are and how much needs to be addressed.