2017 Fall Schedule

This fall I’ll be available only on a couple of dates as I have multiple engagements already.

My focus for a talk is more on managing TA as a small business. I also like to focus on the good and bad with online forums like Trip Advisor.

When I give my talk I ask for no honorariam and only travel expenses if needed.  Most of my talks are for small civic groups.  


Saint Louis Airport has a mid-century modern feel.

Getting ready for the drive from OGG to Hana. FUN.

Sunrise in Hana on a beautiful Saturday morning in Oct.

Yes, it rains in Palm Springs. Rain is refreshing.

Monte Cristo at Manhattan in the Desert in Palm Springs

Available For Select Fall 2018 Dates

It has been an amazing summer with some impact sharing the message of NoGo TripAdvisor.  My passion for standing up against TripAdvisor.com and bullies online is as strong as my love for traveling the world.

If your group wants to learn more about why TripAdvisor is destroying small business then I'll be happy to share my insights with your group.

 I'm happy to talk about:

- Hawaiian Travel

- Exotic Travel

- Family Travel

- Problems with Reviews Online

- Damages from Online Reviews

- The Revenge of the Unhappy Employee

I'm happy sharing my message with you and your team.  My 2018 dates are being booked now.

Thanks for considering me for your 2018 dates.


For Your Group!


I'm willing to provide talks and presentations on how TA is both good and bad for business.
Here are a few topics that may work for your group or organization.
The Dangers of Forums, Group Think, and Online Hate
Stop Wasting Your Advertising Budget on TripAdvisor.
I'm open to other ideas and thoughts.
*Availability for presentations and speeches depends on my calendar. However, I will do my best to make the presentation work.

Schedule of Speeches & Meetings



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