• Civilized Travel!

    The Flagship experience at AA is pretty good. It may not be perfect, but it is a nice experience.

  • Sunset Headed To Amsterdam

    Enjoying a sunset as we start our way to Europe. It is always exciting starting an adventure.

  • Late Arrival into Amsterdam!

    After a diversion to JFK because of computer problems, we finally arrive 4 hours late into Amsterdam.

A Tiffany Passport holder is certainly not something a traveler needs, but it is a fun addition. Now, a Tiffany gun?

You know you have been in a holding pattern when the flight path looks like the Indy 500 Speedway.



Crazy Day!

Wild day!

Antigua area today!

When an airplane has computer problems, who you gonna call? Geek Squad! LOL

Walkway to new AA gates at ORD

New gates open at ORD, but construction continues.

Gates L20 to L24 at ORD now open!

Beautiful wide open areas at the new L20 to L24 Gates.

I plan ahead when traveling to certain repeat countries by grabbing a few immigration forms for future trips.

  • Should women have their own space?

    In Dubai women have the option to ride in their own train car. Good idea?

  • Dubai from the water. Atlantis hotel at Palm Island.

    Even if you don’t stay here a visit to The Palm and Atlantis in Dubai is a must see.

  • A short visit to London can be fun.

    When time is limited you can still enjoy a fast stopover in London.

Stayed at this beautiful place overlooking the lake. Lake Atitlan Lofts was an amazing, beautiful, and peaceful place. Thanks to David Yates for taking great care of us.
We stayed on both sides and loved it.
#lakeatitlan #lakeatitlanlofts #panajachel

Turtles Were A Fundraiser On The Big Island A Few Years Ago

Halloween FUN.

For my flight attendant friends.

One of my rooms at home.

The fun continues with witches watching the house.

Made this simple treat for my teenage son and friends.

TA Hawaiian Forum Hated Uber. Look at this Uber line!

NoGo TripAdvisor shows up in many places.

Fourth Time Seeing Jersey Boys.

I think this looks delicious! New Trend?

If you need this much protection NoGo TA says STAY HOME

NoGo TripAdvisor is making appearances everywhere.

The Buzz takes NoGo TripAdvisor for a fun ride.

The NoGo silly sign is showing up in a lot of places.

Fake reviews, nasty behavior, mean people - TripAdvisor

A silly sign to make you think.

New York City Central Park from the plane headed to LGA