With the #deletefacebook movement taking place it is a good time to evaluate the #deleteTripadvisor movement as well.
Now is a good time to #deletetripadvisor and ignore mean reviews, fake posts, bad information, and bully forum posters.

Statistics - Dangers That TripAdvisor Posters Miss

Last night, I had dinner with a prominant medical Doctor who is well versed in statistics.  We started discussing the problems associated with uneducated people (in the area of statistics) thinking that an AVERAGE is better or more useful than a MEDIUM.  My Doctor friend got so complicated describing the stupidity of using an AVERAGE for number of days a visitor stays on a specific island that I decided to dumb it down for people such as myself who understand only basic statistics.  

For instance, http://www.diffen.com/difference/Mean_vs_Median, describes mean as:

"Mean (or average) and median are statistical terms that have a somewhat similar role in terms of understanding the central tendency of a set of statistical scores. While an average has traditionally been a popular measure of a mid-point in a sample, it has the disadvantage of being affected by any single value being too high or too low compared to the rest of the sample. This is why a median is sometimes taken as a better measure of a mid point."

The page has a fantastic chart that puts into perspective the reason that an average can be dangerous in using skewed data.

Please take a look at the http://www.diffen.com/difference/Mean_vs_Median page for more complete information.  The chart looks like this..........

Comparison chart

Mean versus Median comparison chart
Definition The mean is the arithmetic average of a set of numbers, or distribution. The median is described as the numeric value separating the higher half of a sample, a population, or a probability distribution, from the lower half.
Applicability The mean is used for normal distributions. The median is generally used for skewed distributions.
Relevance to the data set The mean is not a robust tool since it is largely influenced by outliers. The median is better suited for skewed distributions to derive at central tendency since it is much more robust and sensible.
How to calculate A mean is computed by adding up all the values and dividing that score by the number of values. The Median is the number found at the exact middle of the set of values. A median can be computed by listing all numbers in ascending order and then locating the number in

Using an average for data such as the average number of days spent on an island is a very typical mistake by those of us who don't use statistics regularly. 

Other problems with data provided by the state on tourism include the people who have a tendancy to fill out the optional back of the required Agricultural Forum when flying into the state.

Flawed data and incorrect statistical analysis is one reason to be cautious when looking at travelers habits when coming to Hawaii.


There are two ways of lying. One, not telling the truth and the other, making up statistics. -Josefina Vazquez Mota


Statistics: the mathematical theory of ignorance.- Morris Kline


There are lies, damned lies and statistics. - Mark Twain

Should Being Banned From TA Be Harsher Than Murder?

Should forums punishment be harsher than murder? Should you be banned without the possibility of defending yourself?  How long is long enough when it comes to being kicked off a forum?

When I was disabled from TripAdvisor I was sent a terse message several days after my account was disabled with no information why or how to pose my perspective. 

The message said that my account was disabled for a period of 30 days. The email went on to say that my account may permanently be disabled if they so decide. 

How few people serve a life sentence for unintentional murder? Not many. So, a person with good intention posts something on the TA forum, but a few people report her post the sentence is death! 

My guess is that several people on the Hawaiian Forum would say that a small time criminal can be rehabilitated. But, would they agree that any good intentioned poster can be rehabilitated? Seriously, it does come across strange that TA takes such a harsh action.

What is also amazing is that after asking, "What can I do to earn the right to be on TA again?" I receive no return message. When I say that I will travel anywhere to talk to someone from TA no one answers. Basically, TA believes in corporal punishment with no way of defending your actions. 

Can TA ban someone for life? Sure. Should they treat people with no respect or regard? I don't think so. Prior to this my businesses and investments spent about $12 k a month with TA. Not now.

Because of my connections through SMU and some other organization I was able to make a quick six figure a month impact on TA. 

I will continue talking, speaking, and making the world aware of the dangers of TA. 

Various Thoughts on TA, Posters, and More.

I have learned that certain posters on TA continue to slam me and attack me. I have not slammed Shea Grimm or made any attacks at her personally for being one of several DE's who requested my removal from TA.

While I know I have been accused of getting back on TA, I will not get on TA, will not attack Shea Grimm personally, or any other DE's personally.

1.  I have learned that I know two people who know Shea Grimm.
2. My style isn't to intentionally be mean or hurtful to anyone. I want to bring happiness to the world and make sure that mean people are put in their place.
3. My fight is with TripAdvisor.com more than it is with anyone single poster. 


I welcome anyone to share any information posted on my sight. Please, do not attack, verbally abuse, or gang up on anyone. I have heard that some posters are sharing information in a mean and nasty way.  I don't sanction mean and nasty.  At all times, be kind, considerate, and understanding of others.


One poster decided that it would be wise to attack me personally. I find that personal attacks are rather useless as they aren't the reason for this discussion or argument. 

This poster has joined the party of my possible legal actions because of possible threats and inappropriate postings. 

We should live in a world of accepting people and not trying to destroy people. 

I appreciate the people who send me emails on what is said. Thank you!



My intentions from 2007 till my account was temporarily disabled was to help travelers, find a place that welcomed passionate travelers, and to make travel better for people. 

I thought I finally found my place in the world where I could be me without being negatively judeged.


TripAdvisor, I certainly hope, can confirm via security methods that I have never gone on TA and posted after 12-14-2015. I'm sure they have advanced technology which uses something from location to face recognition to something technical that would confirm I haven't been on TA other than the times I got online to appologize. 

I did go on TA to tell Shea Grimm that I knew her decision to get me disabled was wrong but I held no animosity.  

I did apologize to Jet83 for what Shea Grimm said was bullying on my part to keep him off TA, but that was before my account became disabled. I, however, never ever knew that I did anything to intentionally bully Jet83. Jet83 did attack me and call me names even after I apologized. I found this to be sad and I'm shocked that TA allowed such posts. I would have thought that other DE's would have reported him to keep things right.

I'm happy to talk with any of the posters on TA on a radio show or a TV show. I have a PR person in Hawaii who should be able to get us on the HNN morning show.

I think a fair discussion on TA forums Pro and Con would be good for all concerned.





I, Edward Staak, will be happy to talk for FREE including paying for airfare, to most any group that is interested. Of course, the presentation needs to fit into my schedule. 


TA has:

- Created arrogant, self serving DE's that harm local businesses and often provide bad advice. DE's form groups that defend their tiny online turf and prevent new ideas from being shared.

- Attacked businesses that refuse to buy business listings on their sight by dropping them in ranking.

- Let individuals be oblivious to the legal consequences of their postings. 

- Supported bad DE's simply because the ONLY purpose of the forum has become cheap SEO from FREE labor.

- Preferred to simply lump every poster other than DE's as worthless. In reality, TA may feel the same about DEs, but that isn't verified yet.

- Provides no acceptable recourse for discussing or supporting a stance once disabled. 

- Shunned people and canceled their account simply because they read my advertisements and agreed to post.

Why do Hawaiian TA forum posters hate Uber?

TripAdvisor came out in a huge way for Uber. So has American Airlines. I firmly believe the fact that I supported TA and their creative way of showcasing Uber only made some posters on the Hawaiian Forum angry. Why?

My daughter, her friends, and my contemporaries swear buy the Uber app. Many colleges support the use of Uber over taxis. TA purts Uber on their sight when getting directions. Yet, the Hawaiian forum and TaxiBob slam Uber like a bad disease. 

My gut says that Uber is only going to grow as problems get ironed out. 

Cities such as Miami and Chicago have an Uber app for managing commutes and ride share. Cheers to Uber.



Why is Couchsurfing.com and couch surfing hated on TA

Couch surfing is huge with passionate travelers who want to travel on a budget. My good buddy, Robert, hosts several surfers every month. 

I have learned about couch surfing from Robert, his guests, and a couple others. I think couch surfing is only going to grow in popularity. 

There are numerous couch surfing hosts in the state of Hawaii. I learned that supporting couch surfing on the Hawaii forum only adds up to being labeled 'disruptive poster."