Boxes of school supplies we are getting ready to ship to Guatemala. Imagine the difference we can make in the world.

I love this beautiful woman! Maria is a hard working mom in Panajachel. She is the kindest, most caring local who makes her money selling trinkets around the little lake community.
We can all make a difference in this world.
Way to go Maria. Thanks for being you!
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  • Guatemalan schools are in need of help.

    The schools in Guatemala are in need of any help they can get. Many of the schools have little or no supplies to help teach the children.
    Did you know that 80% of the worlds population live on less than $10 a day.

  • Using luggage to carry 'lightly used' supplies for local schools.

    My family gives up personal clothing in order to bring lightly used school supplies to give to a variety of local schools around Lake Atitlan area.
    Some friends even help with bringing extra luggage.

  • The well to do class in Guatemala visit via helicopter.

    Lets get real. Guatemalan rich may fly to Lake Atitlan via private helicopter, but they don't really care about the local indigenous people.
    If you are traveling to Guatemala please consider helping the locals.

Proud of My Children Helping Guatemalan Schools & Children

Helping Guatemalan Children

My son Spencer and his good friend Kaitlyn will be collecting lightly used school supplies for the schools and children around Lake Atitlan. 

Spencer has been doing this for several years and at times our garage shows it. 

After the two collect the lightly used supplies they triage the supplies and determine which are good for which schools. In some cases supplies have been used up and need to be tossed. 

This summer, at least 8 of us are headed down to Guatemala. We have two more friends we hope join us. For the four of us we each get 3 bags at 70 lbs for free. 820 pounds of school supplies Leave us enough for a roller board and a backpack. 

We look like a poor family moving abroad when Frank, our limo driver, drops us off at the AA Flagship door at O'hare. 

I admit that it is a lot of work for the kids. It is a lot of patience for me helping the kids get the bags check-ed in, loaded on carts, through customs, paying any terrify, and supporting their good deeds. But, I know the work pays off by helping a few children hopefully get an education. 

In my opinion, helping children become educated makes the biggest difference in the future of our world. What I don't like is when Americans push their paradigms on other cultures. How you or I run our life isn't necessarily the way people need or should run their life.

I always promote that us travelers should do everything in our power to help others when we travel. Imagine if every traveler simply stepped forward and brought one pencil to a school when they visited. Imagine if all travelers volunteered two hours to clean a beach, help walk dogs in a kennel, gave left overs to a homeless person, shared soap and shampoo with a homeless person, or even made a cash donation to a local charity. 

We can all make a positive difference.