When life tosses you stormy weather approach it with the power of a jet plane.
If the crisis is bad, step back and wait for the situation to calm down.
Once the situation clears enough, put the plan for recovery into full speed ahead. Push through the tough time like a plane pushes through bad weather.
Bad weather and storms are only temporary. Good times will be ahead as long as you persevere.

#deletefacebook #deletetripadvisor

Here is a thought: #deletefacebook and #deletetripadvisor and you will have a better life!

if you don’t want to delete, how about ignore it.  

Or, try going on Facebook only once a week or so. 




Call to action - Get on TA and Share Your Views

Get online and share your perspectives and views on Hawaii and other places in the world.  Different views help people who travel.

I'm looking to encourage people who love Hawaii and have knowledge of the 50th state to get on the Hawaiian forum and make a positive difference.
I know of five people who have posted because of my recruiting them. I also know of several who have been kicked off, according to their follow-up emails to me, simply for supporting me. So I hear.

Please get online to make a positive difference. Do not attack others on the forum. Do not agitate or use personal information. 

My desire is to cultivate and encourage other voices. I don't care if you agree with me or not, what I do hope is that you share your thoughts and opinions in a kind, nice way even when it isn't the same as other posters.
Make a positive difference. 
U B U 

Considering A Co-Author For Book

I have been considering a co-author for the book I'm working on with the working title: "Hawaii: Travel Secrets From A Banned TripAdvisor Poster."

I realize that I only have so much information on Hawaii.  I would consider encorporating another writer who would provide information on locations where I'm deficient. 

I have pulled together about 125 pages of material from my perspective and could use another 100 to 120 pages of material.  

I have an editor, Kim, who will polish our work and make it presentable.

I'm willing to give an upfront advance for the work and then a percentage of the profits.

Right now, I'm torn between an e-book and a hard cover book.  There is interest for both and I'm still weighing the options.

Let me know if you have interest.