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Hi Ed,

It was great meeting you and hearing your story about TripAdvisor Forums in Nashville.  We have experienced similar problems and I thought there was no hope for our industry.

Thank you for putting yourself out in the middle of a fight that needs a leader.

S. S. 



Thank you for taking time to send me a message and taking a look at 12travel4fun.  

I had a fantastic time in Nashville and enjoyed meeting many wonderful people.  It is because of people like you that I have decided to dedicate my free time to this situation.

We can make a difference!

Again, thank you for your kindness.

Edward Staak


More action and information on Facebook.


  • TA Doesn't Give A Hoot. Why Should You?

    It is clear that TA doesn't give a hoot about the truth, free speech, kindness, or you. If TA doesn't give a hoot then why should you care?
    As long as TA allows bullying, mean groups, nasty behavior, and hurtful posts all of us pay.
    Travelers suffer because of the information provided.
    Posters with different views suffer because NO ONE will even listen at TA.
    Businesses suffer because they get hurt by posters who don't understand trends in travel, the future, or good travel practices.
    This fight may take years, but at least my voice is slowly getting heard.
    I will continue the fight until my voice is allowed back on TA.

  • Simple Visual Grabs Lots Of Attention & Support!

    Sometimes the loudest message comes from the simplest message.
    As I walked around and meet as many of the 500 hundred people attending the conference in Nashville I was asked about the Owl.
    I shared my message over and over in Nashville. I also asked tons of people to get on TA and make their views known.
    "I don't care if you support me or disagree with me," I said. "If you agree, please get on Hawaiian Forum and let your thoughts and word known."
    I was so busy this week that I have no idea if anyone posted or not, but if you did, I thank you.
    +++If TA Doesn't Give a Hoot, Then Why Should YOU!+++

  • Thank You!

    I want to thank everyone at this conference in Nashville for their kindness and helpful attitude. I was impressed with the support, kindness, and helpful attitudes by almost everyone.
    What I learned is that there are tons of people who dislike TA, the TA forums, and more.
    One guy at the forum focuses on companies that have literally been 'black-mailed' by TA posters.
    I send out a special thank you to Janice who went beyond expectations with giving me a personal introduction to Bryan from TA.

Simple Sign With Big Impact.

Great Meeting Bryan In Person. TY

My Fight Continues. I'm Making a Difference.

More Radio Time Coast to Coast & Hawaii.

I'm Energized to Keep Up the Fight.

  • Impressive New Leader of New Organization

    I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with Rob Fulton on Tuesday. He is the impressive new CEO of an organization focused on the small boutique hotel industry.
    I had the opportunity to share with Mr. Fulton my situation with and with the Hawaii Forum. I appreciate his taking time to listen, understand, and support me in my fight for free speech on TA.
    I'm looking forward to meeting a TA representative today and learning more about TA's views on forums and bullying.
    Mr. Fulton is going to take this organization from concept to reality with a passion I certainly can understand and relate to.
    I wish Mr. Fulton all the success as he completes his first six months and heads into an impactful first year.

  • Leaving Chicago at night. Nashville meetings and more talk radio.

    I flew in from Peru over the weekend and finalized plans to go spread my story on TA at a boutique hotel conference in Nashville.
    This morning, I'm doing a morning radio talk show and then headed over to the conference to talk more about my TA story.
    Friends, this is my mission in life and I'm going to help change TA for the better. It is only a matter of time.
    I'm sharing my story and kindly asking people in the travel industry to get on TA and make a positive difference.
    There is a real like (not love) hate relationship between travel executives and forums. I'm sharing my story while I learn more than expected.
    Never ever give up on your goal when you believe in your message.

  • Mary and Mary helped me connect and meet many people.

    These two Mary's are impressive leaders in the B&B industry as well as in the travel industry.
    On Tuesday, yesterday, I meet and talked with more than 75 individuals about the issues I have faced on
    I asked many of them to kindly get on TA and let their voice and support for my movement be heard.
    What I discovered is that many people in the industry are scared of TA, feel they can't stand up to TA, yet support my desire to spread the word of mistreatment, harmful information, and bullying on a forum designed to help travelers.
    I look forward to meeting other individuals all day today and sharing my story.

The Group Listened to My Presentation on Forum Dangers!

Spreading the word of the TA Hawaii Forum to all.

A few drinks and the message

A group asked me to join them downtown.

Some new friends who listened to my TA story! Thanks!