Influencers Get Freebies

I’ve been learning a lot the past few weeks.  What I can assure you is that some people with the DE title use their social influence to get freebies. 

I need to check out some information before I share it with you here, but I have sources collaborating the information. 

Positive Momentum

After meetings at TripAdvisor I realize that my frustration toward nasty group think and bullying on the TripAdvisor forum was more than perception. 

When you feel that you have been wronged stand up for what you believe in. Never let anyone push you around. 

Most important, make the world a better place.  

TripAdvisor Cares!

TripAdvisor does care about bullying online. Please share if you have been bullied on TripAdvisor.  Feel free to send your issues to me at




My sole purpose of going to TripAdvisor to meet with some of the executives was to share my frustration, feelings about being bullied, and why TA should re-examine their online forums.
Thanks for listening.

Moving onward to the Boston area to meet with people from Trip Advisor on Wednesday.

A meeting with Trip Advisor is only about two weeks away. I’m intrigued that I’m even going to Trip Advisor offices.