Apr. 13, 2016

Learning From Sharing My TA Frustration World Wide

I have learned more about life, people, blogs, and more since unfairly being kicked off TripAdvisor.com.  I have learned the following:

- When banned from TA no one discusses why.

- When banned from TA no one says if it is a death sentence or if rehabilitation is possible.

- There are thousands of people who really dislike TA more than I dislike the travel destination.

- People attack others personally more than they attack over an issue.

- If you are a Destination Expert on TA you get by with more than an average poster.

- People on TA and other sites hide behind fake walls.

- LinkedIn takes issues more seriously than TripAdvisor.

- If people are mistreated on a forum they must sue the individual and not the company.  

- People hate others who disagree with them.

- The easy solution would be to buy a new iphone and set up a new account and hide behind a different identity.  I refuse to do that and I will fight to get my original identity back.

- People support a cause, but refuse to get involved because they are scared.

I'm still learning and I'm feeling like I'm gaining a louder voice on this topic.  In some ways my voice is growing faster than I ever would have expected.

As you live your life accept people who are different than you and take time to understand them for who they are and now for who you think they are.