Apr. 14, 2016

Trip Advisor Attacks - Contact My Team

We are looking for more information on postings that have attacked me, Edward Staak, or anyone on the forum.

My team has enough information on several regualar posters, but we would like more information.

We are looking for any emails that were sent and any comments made on the forum.

If, you provide us with emails, more contact information, and actual screen shots I will make sure you are not included in my future actions. 


If you have been bullied, attacked, or mistreated by any posters, DE's, or anyone on the TripAdvisor Forum please get in contact with me.

My team is interested in finding others who also have been wronged.

Don't let mean people online get away with attacks that they think are protected by a veil of secrecy.


Note:  Any actions taken against posters is taken against them directly and not TripAdvisor.com.  TripAdvisor.com doesn't take responsibility for DE's, posters, or any user of their online service.