Apr. 14, 2016

Summer 2016 - Here. There. Back Over There.

Do you have problems planning and making sure everyone is together for summer?  Now that my daughter is down there, my wife is going to be over there, and my son wants to go that way, the expercise for this summer travels is going to require creativity.

Here is the tentative plan:

June 10  ORD to MCO  - Film School for Son & Business for wife & who knows what for me

June 18 MCO to LAX   - Advanced Film School for son. Wife out East.  Daughter - TBA

June 25 LAX to ??? Thinking all meet in Dallas

July 5   DFW to Equador - Look at real estate on the ocean (at least 3 of us)

July 11 Equador to Santiago, Chili - At least 3 of us

July 13 to 16  Easter Island - At least 3 of us

July 18  Son and I to LAX,  Wife to Chicago

July 19 Son and I to Sydney, Australia, Wife to Dallas

July 25  Son and I to New Zealand or Perth, Wife to New York

July 31 Son and I to LAX, Lost wife somewhere

August 1 Son and I to GUA (Hang with friends in Antigua)

August 5 Daughter and BF to GUA, Wife to GUA, 4 Friends to GUA, Bus for all to Lake

August 9 Son and I to Chicago

August 11 All those left in Guatemala to Antigua for 3 days

August 14 Everyone back to their corner and wait for the bell to sound the start of fall.


Here is the hard part. I need to get good fares that can be upgraded to first class when booking.  I need to get all flights coordinating for everyone.  I need hotels and transportation.

I will keep you posted.  Who knows, this may not be our summer at all.  We will see.