Apr. 15, 2016

Accused of Getting on TripAdvisor.com - But, I'm NOT!

I have been accused of getting on  TripAdvisor.com this week.  I'm not getting on TA and I'm not even getting on TA without signing in.  

I'm not sure how to prove to those who think I'm posting on TA that I'm only sharing information on places where I'm permitted.  But, it is true.  My battle is with TripAdvisor.com for disabling my account and not letting me back on. 

My only thought is that TripAdvisor.com is able to track down the location, etc. of the posts.  I'm certainly not a tech guy, but I think they can figure out what computer, where a poster is located, and determine if it is the same person.  

It is my desire to get my voice back on TripAdvisor.com even if it takes 10, 20, or 30 years.

Here is what I am doing:

- I send out emails to supporters

- I post on 12travel4fun.com

- I post on various free forums

- I talk about the injustices of TA on Radio stations

- I have meeting one on one with people 

- I give free talks to groups interested

- I encourage people to join the fight in getting various voices on TA. 

- I encourage people to share any information I post here on 12travel4fun.com

- I ask people to be nice, kind, honest, honorable, and friendly when posting anything they share.

The spreading of my story comes easier than I expected.  

Thank you for your support