Apr. 16, 2016

One Passion. One Love. Spread Kindness & Acceptance.

 I was reading this morning about online groups that gang up against voices that are different than their own and do whatever it takes to destroy that voice. 

Individuals look at the same chain of events differently.  Some people on the TripAdvisor.com Hawaiian Forum see me as disruptive and trying to create conflict.  Others on the forum see me fighting for a worthwhile cause of freedom of speech, freedom of ideas, and freedom of expression.  

What develops is a dichotomy of opinion similar to that which we see in a political contest.  "I don't like your views and I hate you because I can't provide good arguments against your thoughts." is what the mind says often when confronted with a different view.  People then use words and phrases such as: stupid, ignorant, fool, and many more as forms of attacks on an individual vs. using well-reasoned arguments and well thought out ideas to combat that which they don't like.

A person who has good intent shouldn't be attacked personally any more than a person with different views shouldn't be attacked personally.  

While I found many online posters making ridiculous comments I certainly don't want to attack that person personally.  Their views are their views.  

Someone sent me an email asking me why I 'hate' Shea Grimm and others online.  I do not hate any of the people on the forum as I don't know them personally.  I don't agree with what they did to me or their attacks on me.  I also don't agree with their decision to attack me personally. I have no reason to 'hate' anyone.  I do wish I knew what I did to cause such group hatred of me on the Hawaiian Forum.  

The Hawaiian Forum was one place where I thought I could be me.  It was the one place where I thought I could make a positive difference in the arena of travel that I love.  


Point 1:  Argue points and views and don't aim to ever hurt or attack others for what they believe. 

Point 2:  Forgiveness is always good.