Apr. 19, 2016

Heading Off To Make A Presentation: TripAdvisor Forum Awareness

On average our driver, Frank, shows up at our house twice a week.  Sometimes more.  Sometimes less.  

Let's face it, the stretch is more than needed for one or two people.  However, Frank takes very good care of us and all of his other clients.  He actually costs less than many other companies so the stretch is more like a Town Car (if they still use those).

If you travel often it may be wise to consider using the same driver over and over.  I have always been hesitant to use a taxi or Uber when headed out of town.  From my perspective it is wise not to let the world know that you are gone.

Doesn't the stretch limo signal your departure, you may ask?  Yes, it is a sign or activity changing at our house.  What I like is that it is the same person who knows when we are leaving and coming.  

Travel tip:  If you use a taxi or limo service always make sure that you keep the information on the vehicle and driver in case you have issues.  

Today, I'm sharing a presentation on the dangers of TripAdvisor forums on local business.