Aug. 12, 2016

Two Different Weeks In Summer

Spending time in Texas during the summer is my kind of trip. Last week, I spent time in 122 degree temperatures in Palm Springs. This week, I’m in lower temperatures with higher humidity.

I would have rated and commented on numerous restaurants that I have enjoyed for the first time on this trip, but since I have been disabled from I will share on my blog.

Houston’s – Great food, nice service, pricy, and targeted menu

Taco Diner – Okay food, poor service, and an overall just okay experience

Taco Cabana – Good food in a fast food environment

hopdaddy – A comfortable, fast food burger joint with a variety of burger types

True Food – A trendy, healthy, fun restaurant with an organic tilt

Krispy Kream – Huge donut shop that still has my favorite maple donuts


Top Golf – A popular destination for golfers, non-golfers, and mini-golfers

SMU Campus – Impressive Georgian style architecture with a vast art museum

Katy Trail – A trendy walking trail in the heart of Dallas

I feel fortunate to have the passion of travel as well as the ability to travel.

Where are you headed for this 4th of July?

This is the first 4th of July that we haven’t be on Oahu in about 5 years.

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