Aug. 12, 2016

Summer in California - Multiple Trips in Summer 2016

Father's Day is the perfect day to take a trip. Started in Chicago after less than 20 hours at home. From Chicago we flew American Airlines (First Class) to LAX. We did this flight less than 3 weeks ago the excitement of going to Southern California and LA still makes me childlike.

I will share more stores on the blog and on NoGo Facebook.

More photos and thoughts on restaurants wil be shared on my blog page.

***I believe that I was wronged and mistreated on and I will not stop fighting until my voice is once again allowed on the sight. Freedom of speech is important. Fighting bullies is important. Standing up for what is right is important.

***Shea Grimm (I believe that is the right name) said that I was playing a victim on TA and that I needed to be reported and kicked off TripAdvisor. I, am not a victim, I'm a fighter for all those who have ever been mistreated online. Freedom of speech is important, but hurting others isn't right.

***Because of Shea Grimm, her DE friends, and TripAdvisor not even wanting to communicate with me back in December I'm doing everything possible to impact TripAdvisor sales. One person wronged online can make a huge financial impact.