Oct. 17, 2016

The Enemy of My Enemy May Not Be My Friend

The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend when he uses questionable tactics for gaining information on my enemy.  For instance, digging into public information on the black web and invading private emails is questionable behavior.

When I was kicked off TA some people decided to uncover 'dirt' on me in order to destroy my reputation.  A person without something interesting and questionable in their life and past are probably incredibly boring people.  I'm not a boring person. 

I'm proud of my life and proud that I do not live a boring life. I have more 'dirt' than many because I live a wonderful, healthy, creative life that would upset many conservatives. I would hope that many liberals would celebrate my life's adventures and join in on trying to beat my adventures.

I also look at many options for making money and having fun.  There are times over the years I;ve looked at ways to make money from porn, social meeting sights, reality television, reality porn, and much more.  My best buddy in the entertainment industry will recall our week of interviewing swingers for a possible TV project we called Swap Meet.  Or was it Swap Meet?

Some TA Destination Experts decided to assert that I was breaking laws with my rental properties - Questionable, but possible. I investigated and changed where needed.  My properties are managed by others so I admit and accept fault for not monitoring their marketing tactics better.

Some TA Destination Experts accused me of infidelity because I joined web sights for meeting others. Like Rum Tum Tiger in the play Cats, I'm a curious beast. I'm an admitted heterosexual. However, I've also tried to figure out how to make money from these sights and wanted to create one for traveler's. God will judge me so my haters need not fear.

I share this because Greg Gutfeld discusses the mean of invading hackers who are nothing more than robbing us of a personal persona. 

I wrote about this on Facebook and decided to share it here in my blog as well.