Nov. 8, 2016

TripAdvisor Says To Start A New Account - Really?

On Monday 10/7/2016 I was stiuck in traffic headed to the Chinese embassy to get visa's for the family trip in Decemeber.  Out of the blue I called TripAdvisor to see what could be done to get my account reactivated. The person on the other end pulled up my account. He said, "All you need to do is set up a new account with a different email."
I responded, "But, I thought I can't set up another account. I don't want to break any rules or act fraudulent."
"I'll get right back to you." He said and the put me on hold.
***I was on speaker phone as I drove down I55 toward Chicago***
"Sir, I checked with my boss. Yes, all you need to do is set up a new account under another email."

I'm very skeptical and don't want to break any rules. I don't want to create fraud as I try to still get back on TripAdvisor with my original TripAdvisor account login.

For now, I'm going to wait and still push for my original account to be turned back on.

Seriously? I want my old account back as I believe in my heart that I was right.  Why create my identity over again, when I like all the information I provied and created?  My guess is that they will let me on, but don't want people to know that I'm back online again.

Conversation occurred at 9:50am CT 11/7/2016.