Oct. 6, 2017

Hate Spreads, We Can Make Positive Impact!

i think the hardest part about doing a blog is staying on top of daily postings.  Heck, even monthly postings can be difficult. 

I have a passion for travel and this year has been one of the most awesome years.  I'm finding a special pleasure in my travels that was lacking when I was consumed in sharing my adventures.  I travel for my own pleasure, in my own way, and in my own unique way.  

I know why I was kicked off TripAdvisor. My passion and vision of travel is unique. Many people aren't able to handle a traveler who sees unlimited possibilities in how to explore the world.  

The hate that consumes the world online because of political perspectives seems to exist on a variety of forums.  My friend shared with me that hate is even rampant on a transgender support site.  Imagine that for a moment.  A support group that is lost in a fragmented hate that resembles the same hate that I experienced on the Trip Advisor Forum from Shea Grimm and her overly zealous Designated Experts.

On whatever Forum you frequent I want to suggest you listen to  others and react with kindness, peacefulness, and civility. Show respect to others with different views and I'm posi that you will discover an inner peace. 

Make the world a better place.  Your actions count!