Nov. 5, 2017

Trip Advisor - Cover Up - WRONG

Recently, you may have read that Trip Advisor covered up reviews about rape at hotels in Mexico.
There are many more problems with Trip Advisor that aren’t seen by the public.  What the public doesn’t know about Trip Advisor hurts people, businesses, and communities.
A few examples:
- Bullies or Destination Experts kick people off forums who have different views.
- Bad, hurtful reviews are often written by competitors, former employees, and mean people with a grudge. Owners have no recourse.
- Owners are being blackmailed by guests who say they will give bad reviews if the hotel doesn’t do something they demand.
- If you don’t pay Trip Advisor for a business listing you will have a lower rating.
- If Trip Advisor thinks you are guilty of fake reviews you have no recourse.
Trip Advisor is far worse than a few deleted hotel reviews reporting rape.  
There are many more issues with Trip Advisor that the company overlooks in order to generate money from owners of the places reviewed.  Trip Advisor let’s rogue individuals with no financial connection (ie job) with TA to control and dominate Forums.
if you have a story or experience with TA get your voice known.