Dec. 16, 2017

Customer Service - Promlems For Small Business Owners

As an owner of several small businesses I understand the importance of front line custoer Service. Lately, I’m finding more front line customer service situations going bad. 

Kirsten’s Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge was a prime example today. My wife and I go in to place an order for a birthday cake.  The first words out of the person’s mouth, “We can’t do that.  But, I will check.”  

Mind you, less than two weeks ago we were told to simply come in early and place the order. This morning we were told it was impossible. In fact, the representative made it seem like we were out of our mind asking for a birthday cake on december 23rd or 24th.  

All service providers need to realize that the choice of words really matters.  This is one reason that computer screens are replacing employees.  

Kirsten’s Bakery in Burr Ridge can improve customer service on the front line.  

Think twice about giving business to Kirstrn’s Bakery in Burr Ridge when tons of stores understand customer service.

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