May. 10, 2016


When you get banned from posting on there basically is no recourse, forum, or contact that allows you to voice your frustration or put forth  reasons why you should be allowed to remain online.  Because I'm rather dumb when it comes to computers, internet, and technology, I have taken my message beyond and have made my reasons known in others ways.

I regret my not knowing how to report a variety of Hawaiian forum posters for their violations of rules.  I tried to figure out how to report people, but I never figured it out.  I firmly believe that others on the forum should have been removed long before me. 

I accept that I did not follow proper procedure with the forum when I asked for help becoming a better contributor. Now, I'm now paying the price. 


Should a person be lynched for a mistake, for voicing opinions, or for not understaing vague guidelines? According to the answer is YES!

However, I'm not the only guilty one.  Considering how nasty many of the forum posters become when others post alternative views I would think that there must be many unhappy users.  

I have heard from numerous Trip Advisor posters who agree with me, but are fearful of retaliation.  After being disabled because of group think and group retaliation by DE's lead by Shea Grimm I certainly understand their concerns.

Why I’m frustrated with 

1. uses Destination Experts (DE’s) and empowers them like employees and should pay them. 

2. is concerned with peace and not opinions of others. 

3. squelched the voice of a Hawaiian friend when he got online. (He was at our house). 

4. looks at only a couple posts and not your body of work in evaluating punishment. 

5. tolerates certain groups that attack irregular posters or posters that disagree with the mainstream. 

6. resorts to banishing a contributor rather than showing them how to improve their posts. 

7. is a hypocrite in that it punishes some while overlooking many posters who are worse.

What actions I’m taking until I’m given my voice back on the forum:

1. I impacted advertising on by more than $70,000 a month while my voice is silenced.

2. I've notified all 50 Attorney Generals with reasons why is treating DE's like interns and should pay them as interns must now be paid.

3. I've notified multiple newspapers of the forum discrepencies on and how a few negatively impact local businesses.

4.  I've notified Uber that forum posters on bash Uber while I was the only voice that championed using Uber.  Uber is a big advertiser on and aren't being treated right.

5.  I've produced fliers for distribution at upcoming events telling small hotel owners how to spend less on and get more results.

6.  I've reached out to a few hotel groups and meetings such as PAII on having a presentation on spending less on and garnering bigger results.

There are other actions I've taken for having my voice silenced by and I will continue to impact their sales as long as my voice is silenced from a forum where I feel that I have been unjustly removed.

In my opinion, should welcome a variety of opinions and enforce rules equally.