Sep. 26, 2016

Resilient! You Can Rebound From Your HURT!

The nasty people on TripAdvisor Hawaiian Forum have made my life even better than it was before. I have been blessed with resilience after pain. I want everyone who ever has felt pain online, at work, with family, with bullies, and anywhere to know that they must stand up against wrong, mean, and nasty.

You can bounce back and make your life impactful! You can make a positive difference in the world even when you feel the pain of mean people. Never, ever give up.

I admit when I was kicked off TripAdvisor Hawaiian Forum for posting truth, honest, and a variety of controversial topics I was hurt. I couldn't believe that a business would kick off a person who had provided almost 1000 reviews from around the world.

Today, about 10 months later, I'm more charged than ever to make the most of my great life. I'm going to start some new strong ventures that will have more positive impact to future generations.