Oct. 17, 2016

4th Quarter Fun Mostly Set-Up: Hong Kong, Japan, China, Africa, and MORE!

I spent the weekend finalizing many of my plans for this 4th quarter of 2016.  I'm starting off with a quick trip to Maui this Friday.  Here is an idea of what a travel addict does in 3 months:

- Maui for a party this week

- Palm Springs for an event

- Dallas for family

- New York to see friends

- Hong Kong for the fun of it

- Las Vegas for a few days

- Beijing to see the wall (again)

- Istanbul for a day (show my wife a few things)

- Kenya (a safari that rolls over into 2017

I feel fortunate to live a fun life and I feel fortunate to share my adventures with others. 

Lets meet up and share a beverage.