Oct. 29, 2016

Great Week in Hawaii & California - I Made A Big Mistake

A weekago today I was in Hana enjoying a beautiful sunrise over the Pacific before realizing that I had made a reservation mistake.  Yes, I do it more times than I like to admit.  This time, it wasn't as bad as sometime.  I share this mistake so you don't feel bad when you make a travel mistake.  

I booked enough time for one night in Hana.  We were suppose to fly in and out of Maui with only about 30 hours on the island.  Well, as we were checking out of our hotel .  in Hana I thought it was funny that I hadn't eceived a check-in email from American Airlines.  When I investigated I found out that I had made a mistake and actually booked a Sunday night departure and not the Saturday flight I thought I had purchased.

I laughed. I thought my wife might be upset as she really needed to be on the mainland for some Monday phone calls.  Well, thanks to a wonderful wife who understands mistakes happen, we turned the unexpected 24 more hours on Maui into a wonderful time.

We had our meeting looking at a piece of property in Hana and then went for Thai food. If you get a chance you MUST visit the Thai restaurant in Hana.  It is one of the best ever.

From lunch we headed south and took the southern route around Maui.  I even had time to take my wife to the lavender farms.  

Here is MY POINT: When something goes wrong and your mistake seems bad, reevaluate. Yes, a bad mistake can be turned around into a good experience.  In fact, I have had more memorable experiences by being an accidental tourist than by having a well planned out itinerary.