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Jun. 14, 2018
Green Gems From Volcanoic Eruption

Here is an interesting article about little green gems that are formed from the eruption of the volcano here on the Big Island.

Jun. 13, 2018

A tire blowing out can be an ingredient for a bad day. Then again, it can be the start to something fun. The tire blew out and we turned the next few hours into a joyous time. Made new friends and had a good time.

Jun. 6, 2018

There is much anger in the hills.

Jun. 6, 2018

Something about a warm fire, relaxing with friends, and good conversation that make for the perfect evening.

Jun. 1, 2018

Had a meeting at TripAdvisor Corporate and went back online. In minutes BLBL reported me.
The forums really are an area of nasty, power hungry people.